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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

BOTW - Death Starts It All

Death Starts It All

Fantasy / Romance

Book Blurb from Wattpad:

Within the depths of hell, demons are stirring, for a portal shall open soon that will allow them to be free and unleash a horde that will rain hell on earth. The only stop to this hellish fate are eight champions long since prophesized to be the saviors of the earth. That is, if they can come together and work to stop it.

Among these champions is Alora. A young woman who considers herself to be (mostly) ordinary, but that ends after she is brought in as a champion and she finds herself to have a part to play that seems to have a death curse attached to it. Along the treacherous journey fate has put in front her she will find help from one of the champions, a mysterious man who will capture her attention and help her to meet her destiny.

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