Tuesday 17 May 2022

BOOK REVIEW: The Seeing by Lashay Davis

The Seeing
Author: Lashay Davis
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Publication Date: 22nd March 2022

Book Description:

Have Your Child Discover That True Friendship Knows No Bounds, Gender, Race, or Nationality! - A Picture Book to Inspire Your Little Ones to Love Their Friends Grow Into Respectful Adults

In which world do you want your child to grow up?

In a small village, every child gets special glasses at the Seeing.

But soon after the Seeing, the children stop playing with each other. Selina, Lauryn, and Ram are three friends that quickly find out why the children have turned on each other.

It’s the Glasses!” cried Lauryn. “They make everyone see their differences as a problem instead of something beautiful!

In this book, your child will discover:

  • An enlightening story: Go on a journey with our three friends as they set out to let everyone know that being different isn’t something to pull us apart, but rather, something that should bring us together!
  • They are special: Teach your child that there’s nothing wrong with being different from others and that their uniqueness should be celebrated, not hidden away.
  • An introduction to mature topics: This book is a great opportunity to begin teaching them about racism, inclusion, and tolerance! Have them know that these topics aren’t taboo and are good to talk about.
  • The real world: Open your child’s eyes to the real world and have them see it in all of its glory! Have them grow into respectable and friendly adults that do not tolerate discrimination.

Make reading time with your young ones special and educational. Teach them important life values while still having fun with them!

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I love the book title. I didn't know what to expect before picking this up from BookSirens. I just saw the title and the cover and decided to select it to read. I'm glad I did, because it's a eye-opening book that reminds you how narrow-minded and prejudice you can be even without truly realising it and realising the damage you're causing to yourself and others.

The Seeing follows three friends, Selina, Lauryn and Ram, who love one another unconditionally and enjoy one another's company. They are worried about the upcoming ceremony known as The Seeing as they have witnessed the best of friends no longer engaging with each other after completing the ceremony. The ceremony involves receiving a pair of glasses that will make you see the world in a different light. Soon you start to question everything about your friend, from their dress sense to their accent and names, things you once found unique and beautiful. The peaceful harmony that used to surround the town is overshadowed by these new glasses that promises to improve one's vision.

I love the way the book portrays the distinction between hatred and misunderstanding and how one can be mistaken for the other. This is portrayed well between Lauren and her mother, who was very reluctant to change back to the old ways where everyone was in harmony. The themes in this book are important and very relevant. When there's such a thing as individuality (even identical twins aren't a complete replica of each other), someone's difference cannot be used as a tool to discriminate against another person.

There were times when the text was a little hard to read. There was a page where I couldn't read the second half so I have no idea what it said. It appeared there was a white glow around the text, which conflicted with the background image.


This was a wonderful tale about friendship and learning to accept one another for our differences. It's definitely a book everyone should read.


Source: BookSirens

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