Sunday 22 May 2022

BOOK REVIEW: I Just Want to Flip by Jelp Shinholster

I Just Want to Flip
Author: Jelp Shinholster
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Publication Date: 18th September 2021

Book Description:
Can you do a backflip? Well, for 7 yr. old, JD the answer is no but he would surely like to someday but he has one big obstacle. He has to persuade his father who loves playing "traditional" sports like basketball, football and baseball to allow him to try out this niche sport called gymnastics.

Join in the adventures of JD as he grows his skills and embraces his passion for gymnastics. This is a perfectly illustrated book for children to learn the importance of dedication, hard work and patience. Also reminding parents that every child is uniquely gifted and should be given the opportunity to follow their dreams.

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I was on Amazon purchasing another book when this cover just popped up before my eyes, and I just loved the cover, so I had to download it. This story is very inspirational for everyone who wants to take a risk and follow their hearts instead of following the footsteps of others, but it's also inspirational for ethnic minority groups who, despite the great success of recent gymnasts such as Simone Biles, Jordan Chiles and Sunisa Lee, are often underrepresented in gymnastics.

I loved how the author portrayed JD's passion for gymnastics with simple flips and then how his passion grew when he realised there was more to gymnastics than flipping. Clearly, being unfamiliar with gymnastics, JD's parents were reluctant to join him up, but it's their support and the fact that they took the time to do their research that makes you root for them as parents and admire and appreciate their determination to make their child happy. Even though JD's father and brother are interested in basketball, he sticks to his guns and pursues gymnastics. He is a very brave kid and a positive representation for young children who are reluctant to express and accept their difference.


A charming tale of family, acceptance and going after what the heart desires. This book is sure to inspire all children who feel somewhat different in the choices they make and their interests and encourages them follow their dreams.


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