Sunday 6 February 2022

BOOK REVIEW - A Boy's Best Friend: 5 Happy Stories for Kids about Curious Little Boy Who Loves Animals by Janice Ford

A Boy's Best Friend: 5 Happy Stories for Kids about Curious Little Boy Who Loves Animals
Author: Janice Ford
Genre: Children's Picture Book / Chapter Book
Publication Date: 28th January 2022

Book Description:
Meet Steven, a young and adventurous kid who is sometimes too smart for his own good.

He lives with his parents, who both shower him with unconditional love, buying him gifts and going out to prove their love for him.

Among the many gifts,his parents have given to him is Stuart, a dog-turned-best friend. Steven loved Stuart from the very first moment he laid his eyes on him. He knew they were going to be best friends.

His relationship with Stuart is so tightly knitted that he cannot imagine his life with his dog.

Everyone knows a dog is a man’s friend ,and even though Steven is still a kid. He surely knows about it!

Steven has always been a lover of animals and wild quests ever since he was a baby, especially dogs!

His curious nature never stays hidden in the dark. Together with his best friend, Stuart, he goes on a lot of different adventures, daring to be bold. They also have a couple heroic moments together!

Stuart is the bravest friend Steven has ever made. Follow Steven and Stuart on their different adventures around their neighborhood in this amazing book!

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Steven is a smart kid who wants nothing more than his own dog. Knowing the level of responsibility caring for a dog takes, his parents give some good thought to it. In the end, they are won over by all the research Steven did on what it means to take care of a dog. Steven's new best-friend, Stuart, proves to be a lot more special than Steven was expecting, and the two become such great friends that one can't imagine life without the other.

These adventure stories about Steven and Stuart were very cute. While it portrayed the joys of having a pet dog more than it did the responsibility of taking care of a dog, I found it to be quite a fun adventure. I was a little surprised by Stuart's gift. I was not expecting that, but it just goes to show that the bond between Steven and Stuart was extraordinary and special.

There was a scene at school where it mentions Stuart was excited because he hadn't met any other animals before, but I recall Steven and Stuart happening upon a rabbit on their first outing, so that was a little confusing. Despite this little mishap, I found this quick read to be a joy.

A good read for the whole family.


Rating: 4
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