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Book Blitz & Giveaway - Love’s Last Kiss by Sharon Wray

Love’s Last Kiss
(a Deadly Force Novel)
Author: Sharon Wray
Publication Date: May 17th, 2022
Genre: Adult Romance Suspense

Book Description:
Is love worth risking everything for?

Rose Guthrie, a reluctant erotic dancer, hasn’t trusted anyone since her parents’ death. Yet, to make money for her brother’s heart transplant, she agrees to deliver a sealed box to a mysterious buyer. Until the box—and the seller—disappear. Not surprised by the betrayal, her situation becomes more dangerous when she learns that a brutal arms dealer, known as the Prince, also wants the box and will kill everyone she loves for it. With one clue left, she breaks into Doom—Savannah’s violent, illegal fight club. Unfortunately, Doom’s referee—the sexy, ex-Army Ranger, Kade Dolan—stands in her way. Although she harbors a secret attraction to Kade, she can’t let him stop her. If she doesn’t deliver the box on time, she’ll lose everything. Including her own life.

Rose doesn’t trust disgraced Army Ranger, ex-con Kade Dolan, but that’s okay—he doesn’t trust himself either. Why? Because he lies to everyone about everything, including his time in Leavenworth and his job as an illegal fight club referee. Then there are his two side gigs. The first as an informant for the Prince, the leader of a secret, two-thousand-year-old private army. The second, loving from afar the beautiful, secretive Rose Guthrie. After the Prince discovers Rose is the courier of a lost 18th century artifact, he orders Kade to help her find the box before their greatest enemy does. If they succeed, Kade must return it to the Prince. If they fail, Kade must kill her.

Betrayal or death. When faced with an impossible choice, Kade can’t lie anymore, at least not when it comes to what he’s about to do the woman he loves. But when Rose uncovers Kade’s lies, they learn a terrible truth—the 18th century box holds a secret far deadlier than they imagined. A secret that could destroy them all.

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Pre-Order Blitz & Giveaway - Arcadia: The Complete Collection - 10th Anniversary Edition by Al Stone

Arcadia: The Complete Collection – 10th Anniversary Edition
Author: Al Stone
Publication Date: 7th July 2022
Genre: YA Fantasy

Book Description:


Arcadia, 10th Anniversary Edition is a complete collection, featuring three full-length novels in a single volume for the first time. A young-adult fantasy series full of magic, mythology and adventure. Perfect for fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Lord of the Rings.

Talisman Of El
They have always been here … watching in silence. Now both worlds are about to collide.

Charlie Blake has always known he was different. He hears what others don’t. He sees what others can’t. In his quest for the truth, he discovers he is the physical embodiment of a powerful ruler and finds himself locked in an ancient battle between good and evil that threatens the life of every being on Earth.

Hold your breath. It’s contagious.

Saving mankind becomes near impossible when Charlie’s visions start to invade his reality. He can no longer identify what’s real. When he starts exhibiting symptoms of a deadly disease, he faces a race against time to find a cure, but shocking revelations makes him question where his true allegiance lies.

Ground Zero
Mankind’s only hope is not human. Approach with caution.

26,000 years ago, a supernatural apocalypse almost wiped out civilisation. Now that time has come again and no one is destined to survive. Charlie Blake is determined to stop the apocalypse, but fate might not have the same agenda. Is Charlie destined to save the world or destroy it?

Pre-order for only 99¢!

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Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Pre-Order Campaign - Arcadia: The Complete Collection - 10th Anniversary Edition by Al Stone



Pre-order a copy of Arcadia: The Complete Collection – 10th Anniversary Edition and submit your purchase receipt by 7th July 2022 for a chance to win a $50 Amazon eGift Card and more!


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Tuesday, 17 May 2022

BOOK REVIEW: The Seeing by Lashay Davis

The Seeing
Author: Lashay Davis
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Publication Date: 22nd March 2022

Book Description:

Have Your Child Discover That True Friendship Knows No Bounds, Gender, Race, or Nationality! - A Picture Book to Inspire Your Little Ones to Love Their Friends Grow Into Respectful Adults

In which world do you want your child to grow up?

In a small village, every child gets special glasses at the Seeing.

But soon after the Seeing, the children stop playing with each other. Selina, Lauryn, and Ram are three friends that quickly find out why the children have turned on each other.

It’s the Glasses!” cried Lauryn. “They make everyone see their differences as a problem instead of something beautiful!

In this book, your child will discover:

  • An enlightening story: Go on a journey with our three friends as they set out to let everyone know that being different isn’t something to pull us apart, but rather, something that should bring us together!
  • They are special: Teach your child that there’s nothing wrong with being different from others and that their uniqueness should be celebrated, not hidden away.
  • An introduction to mature topics: This book is a great opportunity to begin teaching them about racism, inclusion, and tolerance! Have them know that these topics aren’t taboo and are good to talk about.
  • The real world: Open your child’s eyes to the real world and have them see it in all of its glory! Have them grow into respectable and friendly adults that do not tolerate discrimination.

Make reading time with your young ones special and educational. Teach them important life values while still having fun with them!

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I love the book title. I didn't know what to expect before picking this up from BookSirens. I just saw the title and the cover and decided to select it to read. I'm glad I did, because it's a eye-opening book that reminds you how narrow-minded and prejudice you can be even without truly realising it and realising the damage you're causing to yourself and others.

The Seeing follows three friends, Selina, Lauryn and Ram, who love one another unconditionally and enjoy one another's company. They are worried about the upcoming ceremony known as The Seeing as they have witnessed the best of friends no longer engaging with each other after completing the ceremony. The ceremony involves receiving a pair of glasses that will make you see the world in a different light. Soon you start to question everything about your friend, from their dress sense to their accent and names, things you once found unique and beautiful. The peaceful harmony that used to surround the town is overshadowed by these new glasses that promises to improve one's vision.

I love the way the book portrays the distinction between hatred and misunderstanding and how one can be mistaken for the other. This is portrayed well between Lauren and her mother, who was very reluctant to change back to the old ways where everyone was in harmony. The themes in this book are important and very relevant. When there's such a thing as individuality (even identical twins aren't a complete replica of each other), someone's difference cannot be used as a tool to discriminate against another person.

There were times when the text was a little hard to read. There was a page where I couldn't read the second half so I have no idea what it said. It appeared there was a white glow around the text, which conflicted with the background image.


This was a wonderful tale about friendship and learning to accept one another for our differences. It's definitely a book everyone should read.


Source: BookSirens

Book Blitz & Giveaway - The Love List by Elana Johnson

The Love List
Author: Elana Johnson
Publication Date: May 17th, 2022
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Book Description:
Beatrice Callahan loves lists. Sometimes she even makes a to-do list of things she’s already done, just to go check, check, check and feel accomplished. So it’s easy to understand why, when her divorce is finally final and her ex is all moved out, Bea takes a cool, close look at her life…and makes a list.

It’s not exactly a bucket list.

It’s a love list.

Bea loves the outdoors, so she puts visit 10 National Parks on the list.

She loves animals, and on goes get a puppy.

She loves the beach, and she adds take a dream vacation to the list, and decides to do that one first. After all she’s been through and all she’s lost, she needs time to relax, rest, and reset.

On the first day she arrives in Hilton Head Island, she meets Grant Turner, the man whose house she’s renting for her fabulous beach vacation. He’s just there to make sure she settles in properly and has enough towels.

But when Bea asks for recommendations around the island, Grant quickly becomes her tour guide and then a friend and then…more than friends.

Bea turns to her lists when things get confusing and her love list morphs once again… Can she add fall in love at age 45 to the list and check it off?

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Monday, 16 May 2022

Cover Reveal - Zulu by Sybil Bartel

(The Alpha Elite, #4)
Author: Sybil Bartel
Publication Date: June 14th, 2022
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Book Description:
Navy SEAL.



The Navy trained me to be the best, but the Teams turned me into a deadly weapon. Every mission honing my tactical skills, I never missed a shot. Living for my brothers and the Trident I’d earned, I didn’t look past my next deployment.

Then my friend and former teammate made me an offer—private sector, government contracts, combat missions and the chance to fly my own jet. Retiring from the Teams, but not the mission, I joined Alpha Elite Security.

As second-in-command at AES, I demanded precision because I didn’t do things the wrong way. Until a mysterious brunette walked through the door, and everything went FUBAR.

Code name: Zulu.
Mission: Exfiltrate.

ZULU is a standalone book in the exciting Alpha Elite Series by USA Today Bestselling author, Sybil Bartel. Come meet Zane “Zulu” Silas and the dominant, alpha heroes who work for AES!

Pre-Order Links:

About the Author
Sybil Bartel is a USA Today Bestselling author of unapologetic alpha heroes. Whether you're reading her deliciously dominant mercenaries, bodyguards or military heroes, all of her heart-stopping, page-turning romantic suspense novels have sexy-as-sin alpha heroes!

Sybil resides in South Florida and she is forever Oliver’s mom.

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Sunday, 15 May 2022

BOOK REVIEW: Thursday by Ann Bonwill

Author: Ann Bonwill
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Publication Date: 1st June 2022

Book Description:
When a little girl learns about her parents’ divorce on a Thursday, it ruins her favorite day of the week. But her stuffed-unicorn friend steps in to help, taking her on adventures to cheer her up and staying by her side to comfort her when feelings are hard. Then, slowly, the little girl and her unicorn friend awaken to the natural world that surrounds them as life continues to shift and change…until the day that Thursday can become just Thursday again. Told with great sensitivity and beauty, this is a book of healing and hope for children experiencing divorce and a testament to the power of friendship in helping us to overcome life’s biggest obstacles.

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This was a very moving story indeed. A young girl gets devastating news on her favourite day of the week, Thursday, that her parents are getting a divorce. This shattering news causes the young girl to withdrew as she tries to accept her new reality. Her stuffed unicorn comes to her rescue, showing her how to cope with change and how to adapt to her new reality.

I saw this book on Amazon First Reads and the cover just won me over, so I thought I'd give it try, and I'm glad I did as it won me over right from the get-go. It's very magical in parts but it's also a very serious book with an important subject matter, which I think the author handled with care.


I loved the colourful illustrations and the varying emotions expressed throughout, showing children who have to deal with these situations that they will go through ups and downs and how to deal with those moments as they come. I also liked that it showed progress and transition of the young girl's state of mind and her transformation from start to end. Although it was a short read, I felt as though we were taken on a long journey. It was well executed in terms of giving us a beginning, middle and end. It didn't feel rushed or incomplete. It matched the theme of the struggles of coping with divorce. You can't rush these things. The healing process takes time, and that's exactly what this book expressed. It's an important lesson to learn surrounding this subject matter. It's necessary to get it across to the readers that getting back to a semblance of normality after divorce is a climb, and that's exactly what the author shows us.


I don't know if it was just on my end but the text was so small and I couldn't zoom in. It would have been nice to have bigger text, something easier to read considering the target audience.

I'm not sure how effective using a stuffed animal will be compared to using actual people as support, but the stuffed unicorn as the girl's aid and guide just made the story feel a little surreal at times. I appreciated the metaphor behind it all and the need to express the young girl sinking into a disillusioned state, but I just felt the use of a stuffed animal was a little impractical for such a heavy subject matter.

I also didn't like that the parents appeared distant, or at least they didn't feel prominent in the process of helping the little girl through her struggles. Given the role they play in family breaking apart, it would have been nice to have them engage a little more with the little girl, to acknowledge her struggle. Perhaps it was the author's way of showcasing that parents often disregard the level of pain caused to their children when they divorce, or at least perhaps they aren't aware of the extent of help some children need following divorce. Perhaps that's why there was a lack of interaction between the little girl and her parents throughout the book? I just didn't like the lack of comfort and support she received from her parents.


This was a thoroughly enjoyable read that is very relevant and much needed. I would definitely recommend it for the entire family as going through issues such as divorce and family separation requires unity and a lot of support.


Source: Amazon First Reads

Saturday, 14 May 2022

Book Blitz & Giveaway - Guardians of the Sea by Eva Pohler

Guardians of the Sea
(Vampires and Gods, #3)
Author: Eva Pohler
Publication Date: May 14th, 2022
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy

Book Description:
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

After enduring Delphine’s dangerous training regimen, the young gods and demigods embark on a mission to take down the corrupt shipping company once and for all, to liberate victimized communities up and down the Mediterranean and nearby seas. But unforeseen conflicts cause the young gods and demigods to question the nature of their mission, their purpose, and their relationships with one another.

In the face of impossible choices, how important are love, loyalty, and friendship? Moreover, how far should one go to defend those who can’t defend themselves? Should one sacrifice everything?

Read the surprising conclusion of The Vampires and Gods Series. For lovers of Greek mythology, paranormal romance, and action adventure stories.

Here’s what readers are saying about this series:

“Vampires and Greek Mythology combined in one fabulous adventure!”–Brie Strauss, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

“I absolutely cannot wait for more Adventures. I tried not to read so fast but honestly I couldn’t be patient. This book blew me away and I honestly just need more.”–Southernmermaid85, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

“Must read!! Anything this author writes is amazing to read. It’s what got me into loving anything about the greek gods! And her vampire series is so interesting as well! This book combines both and draws you in!!”–Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

“Everything I’ve come to love and expect from Eva’s book, was to be found in this latest episode, constant drama, intrigue and adventure, not forgetting the romance. Can’t wait for more!”–Traceyann, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

“I really liked the new characters that were introduced in this book. The story was interesting and had a lot of twists and turns.”–Kathy E, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

If you like enemies-to-lovers romance and heart-breaking love triangles combined with fast-paced, high-stakes action, then this series is for you.

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Monday, 9 May 2022

Blog Tour Spotlight & Giveaway - They Called Him Marvin by Roger Stark

They were just kids, barely not teenagers, madly in love and desperately wanting to be a family, but war and a B29 got in their way…

By Roger Stark

Release Date: September 1, 2021
Publisher:  Silver Star Publishing
Soft Cover: ISBN: 978-0578855288; 333 pages; $17.43; E-Book, $2.99

18-year-old Pvt Dean Sherman goes to church with a friend in Salt Lake City. He meets 16-year-old Connie that will become his wife. After Pearl Harbor Dean applies for pilot training and is accepted. Dean joins Connie's Mormon Church and they secretly become engaged.
By the time Dean has commissioned a pilot, Connie is 18 and they marry and are together for a year and a half before he ships out as an Airplane Commander of a B-29.  Connie is pregnant with their son, Marvin.

A Japanese family is introduced, the Kyoshis. She is an important member of the Community Council he is a builder of water guns used in fighting fires and is the neighborhood fire captain.  A son Reo will go off to war and train as a fighter pilot. 12-year-old Son Riku has a reappearing role in the story concerning the B-29's bombing of Japan. They also have 6-year-old twin sisters that are sent to Hiroshima early in the story for their safety.

The crew of 44-69966 arrives in India after a month of flying. Letters start arriving for Connie. Discussion of the B-29s development of strategic purposes is explained.
In Japan Reo Kyoshi goes off to war and the Firebombing of Tokyo occurs. 15 Square miles burned down to the sidewalks. 100,000 casualties and a million people homeless. The Kyoshi survive the conflagration but lose their home.

Marvin is born. Dean returns to duty and his plane is transferred to the Marianna Islands in the Pacific. Some 67 love letters are exchanged between Dean and Connie.

Dean’s plane is shot down over Nagoya Japan, the crew is captured and sent to Tokai Army Headquarters. Connie keeps writing letters that cannot be delivered. She has no idea he is in a Japanese prison.

Prison conditions are horrible, beatings and interrogations constant. Connie receives the war department telegram listing Dean as MIA.

A sham trial is conducted the crew is found guilty and their sentence is carried out the next day.

Almost 50 years later, Dean comes to Connie in a dream/vision and confirms his love for her and that they will yet have a life together.

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Book Blitz & Giveaway - Kiss of Darkness by Taylor Aston White

Kiss of Darkness
(Curse of the Guardians, #1)
Author: Taylor Aston White
Publication Date: May 5th, 2022
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance

Book Description:
He despises her… almost as much as his beast craves her.

Kyra’s seen and survived the worst things imaginable, all because of the magic she was born with. Trapped by her secret, she has no choice but to serve Councilman Gallagher or risk everything she has tried so hard to build. Because despite black magic being banned, her very survival depends on it.

When she’s commanded to summon a Daemon, a Breed notorious for their corruption and brutality, she’s torn between keeping her secret and doing the right thing.

Xander’s hate for black witches was notorious, but nothing frustrated him more than the one witch that brings trouble with a capital T. With dark amber eyes, and a controlled strength that fascinated his beast – the monster he’s cursed to share a soul – Xander will do anything to push her away.

So when he’s forced into protecting her, he must put aside his prejudice and ignore his growing desire that’s an insult to his past.

Because he’s had an entire childhood to remember why you can’t trust black witches.

And he definitely can’t trust Kyra Farzan.

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Friday, 6 May 2022

Cover Reveal - Pack of Secrets by Amara Mae

Pack of Secrets
(Celestial Artifacts, #1)
Author: Amara Mae
Publication Date: September 6th, 2022
Genre: New Adult Urban Fantasy

Book Description:
As the daughter of the Seattle alpha, Grace is expected to carve out her place in a shifter pack still reeling from the horrors of war. Only Grace has two major problems with fulfilling her father’s expectations: she’s an omega—meant to support, not lead—and she was born with her inner wolf caged, unable to shift. Determined to become the asset her pack needs, she’s spent her life training to steal a magical artifact rumored to have the power necessary to release her wolf.

Unfortunately, things never go as planned.

The theft triggers an enraged guardian, one that her inner wolf can’t seem to resist, and Grace realizes she’s in way over her head. She’ll need the help of a small but capable team to journey to a foreign land and track down a mythical tree.

Easy peasy for an outcast burglar with a fractured psyche, right?

To complicate matters further, her father is acting weird, her best friend just made out with her, and she’s pretty sure a dragon is on their tail.

Across the world from the only home she’s ever known, Grace must face the questions she never dared to ask. Deadly secrets begin to unfold, and Grace will have to decide: Is unleashing her wolf worth risking everything?

Buy Links:

About the Author
Amara Mae is a new adult urban fantasy author who has written additional genres under other pen names for more than ten years. Fantasy has always been her first book love, and she's researched and generally geeked out for years to build the Fractured Earth world which will be home to her Celestial Artifacts and several other series. She resides in the rainy Pacific Northwest, where she enjoys real and imagined adventures alongside her husband and their five boys and two dogs.

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Book Blitz & Giveaway - Ice Floe by Melissa Birling

Ice Floe
Author: Melissa Birling
Publication Date: April 28th, 2022
Genre: YA / NA Fantasy / Paranormal Romance

Book Description:

Seventeen-year-old Glacia didn’t plan to track a kidnapper, stick a middle finger to the government, and fall into a forbidden summer fling. This is simply what happens when you’re the resident odd girl out, in a shoal of all-female mermaids whose values are a little cracked. Or a lot cracked, if you consider government-endorsed murder and the seizure of male infants to be an issue.

When society rules, family, and romance collide, Glacia fights back the best way she knows how: by taking the matter into her own combat-trained hands and kicking some tail. The problem is, no amount of training can prepare Glacia for the crime circle she discovers, secrets she unveils, and human guy she can’t get out of her head. Glacia finds herself at a crossroads where she must decide whose rules to follow. Who she can trust. And ultimately…who lives and who dies.

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