Sunday 31 October 2021

BOOK REVIEW: Gobbledy by Lis Anna-Langston

Author: Lis Anna-Langston
Genre: Children's / Middle-Grade Sci-Fi / Fantasy
Publication Date: 20th October 2020

Book Description:
Ever since eleven-year-old Dexter Duckworth and his brother, Dougal, lost their mom, everything has been different. But “different” takes on a whole new meaning when, one day just before Christmas (or Kissmas, as they call it), Dexter finds a golden rock in the forest that hatches into an adorable alien. Gobbledy is smarter than he seems and is lost on planet Earth. Before long, Gobbledy takes Dexter, Dougal, and their best friend Fi on an adventure of friendship, family, and loss—one that requires them all to stay out of trouble, protect Gobbledy from a shadowy group called the Planetary Society, and prepare for their school’s Winter Extravaganza Play, where Dexter has to be a dreaded Gingerbread Man.

Gobbledy is a fun-filled holiday story that adds up to two brothers, three friends, unlimited jars of peanut butter, a ketchup factory, and one little alien far, far from home.

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From the very first sentence, I knew I was going to like this book. What I didn't expect was how much I would love this book. I loved the action, the plot and how it unravelled, and I especially loved Gobbledy's portrayal. It was an adorable creature.

This is a heartwarming story about a family trying to cope after the death of a beloved mother and wife. Dexter Duckworth, 11 years old, his younger brother Dougal, 8 years old, and their father have been having a rough time since the passing of Dexter and Dougal's mother six months ago. Their father has been struggling as he tries to juggle work and take care of the boys, but Dexter hasn't been making things easy as he often finds himself in a spot of bother. Dougal, on the other hand, has been the complete opposite and has been trying to keep the peace and keep the family from wondering astray. After getting into trouble at school, Dexter promises his father that he will clean up his act, which he had every intention of doing, but then he and his best friend, Fiona (Fi), who lives across the street, happen upon a very strange rock in the forest that turns out to be a strange creature of extra-terrestrial origins.

This was an enjoyable read. The pacing was good and the way the plot developed was satisfying. Dexter and the gang went on some wild adventures, and I loved every bit of it. I have to say, I found I had to keep reminding myself that the kids were aged between 8-11 because they did not appear as such throughout the story. Their high intelligence and advanced problem solving skills, particularly their vocabulary, made them appear older than they actually were. I'm not saying they can't be that intelligent, I'm simply stating that they were portrayed as intelligent college kids as opposed to intelligent middle schoolers, which was a little disorienting. Had the author not mentioned their ages, I would never have guessed they were between 8-11 years old. I was waiting to see their youthful personalities grace the pages, but it was a rare occurrence. Despite their slightly mature portrayal, I liked the characters. They were engaging and imaginative.

Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable story.


Rating: 4 Star
Source: Author

BOOK REVIEW: A Home Again by Colleen Rowan Kosinski

A Home Again
Author: Colleen Rowan Kosinski
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Publication Date: 1st November 2021

Book Description:
After the last brick is laid, a family moves into a brand-new house. As the family grows, the house delights in the sound of laughter echoing in its halls and the pitter-patter of little feet traversing its floors and realizes it is no longer just a house. It has become a home—their home. One day, the family packs up, and with tears in their eyes, they say goodbye. The house doesn’t know if it can ever be happy again until two men appear. It begins to feel a sliver of hope about this new family…perhaps it can become a home once more.

Told from the perspective of a house, this story’s heartfelt text and beautiful illustrations convey a warmth of feeling as two families change and grow at different times within the same four walls.

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This story is told from the perspective of a home that experiences loss, abandonment, love, appreciation and various others emotions. It centres around the concept of what a home is, which is distinct from what a house is. When House gains a New family, it comes with a bundle of joyous emotions, until the day when the family pack up and leave. Over time, House starts to wither away, becoming long forgotten and rejected by numerous families that wonder by over the years. But when one family shows an interest in House, although reluctant at first to welcome them, House soon start to let its guard down as the idea of being part of a new family starts to fill it with hope once again.

This was a beautiful story that I recommend for the whole family. I loved the perspective it was told from and how the author personified the house. Great illustration and a wonderful read.


Rating: 5 Star
Source: Own Copy

Friday 29 October 2021

Book Blitz & Giveaway - BLUE by L.E. DeLano

Author: L.E. DeLano
Publication Date: October 26th, 2021
Genre: YA Contemporary

Book Description:
When Blue Mancini’s mother picked her name, it ended up being a self-fulfilling prophecy.

A year ago, Blue’s brother, Jack, was involved in a car accident that killed the father of her classmate, Maya Rodriguez. Luckily for Jack, he got out of a manslaughter charge and into a plea bargain thanks to the top-notch lawyer hired by Blue’s wealthy parents.

The fallout is now affecting Blue as Maya returns to school determined to carve out a pound of flesh from the only member of the Mancini family she can reach. On top of that, Blue has a demanding mother, a father who’s never around, a drama-addicted best friend, and a secretive new guy who’s determined to make Blue his own personal cheer-up project. It’s a perfect storm of misery.

When Maya’s social media taunts and in-person digs finally push Blue to retaliate, they find themselves in afterschool detention and forced into a project meant to foster cooperation and civility. As the layers of their tangled drama unravel, Blue learns more about Maya’s life—and her own sense of privilege—when secrets are revealed that cast a new perspective on everything in Blue’s world.

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Monday 25 October 2021

Book Blitz & Giveaway - Heart Stealer by Delaney Diamond

Heart Stealer
(The Cordoba Agency, #3)
Author: Delaney Diamond
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2021
Genre: Adult Romance / Suspense

Book Description:
The last thing he wants to do is play bodyguard to the woman who broke his heart.

As the wife of a pioneer in the field of biotechnology, Katherine Stallworth had an up-close view of the ugly underbelly of corporate espionage and the cutthroat nature of competition. When her husband is murdered and her life threatened, she turns to Raheem Miller, the one man she can trust–despite their sordid past.

Years ago, Raheem fell in love with Katherine–older, sophisticated, and way out of his league. And nothing has changed. While he’d rather avoid this assignment, he’ll never forgive himself if anything happened to her. In the middle of conducting an investigation into her husband’s death, he discovers a conspiracy that could rock the very foundation of the United States.

Now he must bring the culprits to justice while keeping Katherine alive and his desire in check. Easier said than done.

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Friday 22 October 2021

Book Blitz & Giveaway - Baby, It's Hot Outside: A Christmas Down Under

Baby, It’s Hot Outside: A Christmas Down Under
Publication Date: October 31st, 2021
Genre: Adult Contemporary Holiday Romance

Book Description:
Baby it’s Hot Outside – A Christmas Down Under

Seasonal Summer Multi-Author Novella Collection

100% pure SUMMER Christmas.

Come Down Under for a hot and steamy SUMMER festive season.

Escape those winter blues with 12 summer Christmas novellas.

A fabulous collection of sexy Down Under summer Christmas romances. Hot sun and hotter men, friends to lovers, reunion stories and more. Come visit a world of hot, sultry kisses and long, lazy days in the sun. It’s Christmas Down Under and just another day at the beach!

Join USA Today bestselling author, Bronwen Evans with ten of her fellow Australasian authors. Warm your heart, and maybe a little bit more, too, with 11 never before published sexy novellas of Down Under lovin’ in the Christmas sun. Only 11 – aren’t there 12? There are! The 12th story is a collaboration between the 11 authors in this boxed set. Each author is writing a chapter of THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS.
  • Twelve standalone novellas (never before published)
  • 99c Pre-Order Price rising to $4.99 week of release
  • Only available until the end of January 2022 – get your copy today!
We are running a contest for this box set. You can win a Kindle Fire HD and a collection of stories…

Twelve perfect indulgences to get you in the Christmas spirit:

ANNA FOXKIRK – The Worst Noelle
ANNIE SEATON – Her Christmas Star
BRONWEN EVANS – Fast Track To Love
JACQUELINE LEE – Unrequited Love
JAYNE KINGSLEY – Twelve Days Of Christmas
KENDRA DELUGAR – Something In The Water
KRIS PEARSON – Summer Santa
MEGAN MAYFAIR – The Season For Second Chances
RAY COLLET – Home For Christmas
SOFIA GREY – A Christmas Retreat (Falling For The Colonel’s Daughter)
SUSANNE BELLAMY – Red Dirt Christmas
COLLABORATION – The Week Before Christmas  – A collaborative novella with a chapter from each of the authors in this box set. We will be running a fabulous contest of guess who wrote what chapter!

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Tuesday 19 October 2021

Blog Tour Spotlight - The Willing by Lindsay Lees

Welcome to Ovoidia where every woman can be approached for immediate sex by any man…

By Lindsay Lees

The Willing
Author: Lindsay Lees
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 299
Genre: Dystopian

In less than a year, fifteen-year-old Gypsy Capone will be considered a woman in Ovoidia, a “utopian” city-state where every woman can be approached for immediate sex by any man, where curving architecture adds weird whimsy, sporks are the only cutlery, and true intimacy between the genders is a sign of suspect subversion. After all, if a woman just plays along, she’ll also do her job and have children, with the reward of a fine home in the “Communities,” where she and the other “Mamas” live together in harmony with everything they need. Right?

The irony: Diam and Isis, the two leaders of Ovoidia, are themselves females. Fun, yes! And just below the surface, perversely sinister. They personally execute these precise sacrifices by women to establish their “happy,” absurdly totalitarian utopia, and are backed up by their chosen army of male “crusaders,” enforcing a crime-free, fully controlled society.

Men are relegated to work in the “City” where they may “enjoy”—right there on the street if they wish—any woman they want and are welcome to satisfy their sexual and emotional needs at establishments called Gaje Clubs where only the most “gifted” among women are chosen to work.

Not surprisingly, in Ovoidia women have evolved until they feel nothing of sexual pleasure. But in Gypsy’s deepest heart, she realizes her own dark secret: she is the exception. Next she discovers to her horror that her secret, if known, could result in the ultimate punishment—genital mutilation.

To save her body and even her soul, Gypsy chooses a dangerous path—to single-handedly confront this scary and absurd world. She has the support of her allegiant sister Sadie and Miles Devine, a rogue, secretly gay crusader, and also “Doctor,” a morally questionable physician to help her. But none of them fathom the levels of paradox, incongruity, and twisted evil they will soon face, and the ride becomes something even Gypsy could have never imaged.

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The Willing is stunning in its brutality as well as its sensitivity! Absolute must read. We all have a piece of Gypsy in us. We must consider our potential future as women now with eyes wide open.”–Amazon Reviewer

“The Willing is an unusually deep commentary on a malignant dysfunction in our society, dressed in fishnet utopian stockings. While the premise and its sensual details push the boundaries of belief, a community that is ostensibly focused on the greater good but is governed by fear and hypocrisy fits perfectly in the dystopian genre. Gypsy’s character is flawed and immature in many ways, but her shield-like honesty is refreshing among a sea of conformists. A rather feminist piece filled with satire on the state of equality, The Willing is weighty and serious in its message, and sad in its reflection of how women are treated in our modern world. For a change from the norm, Lindsay Lees provides a gripping story that will have you thinking deeply about the importance of the relationships in your life.”–Jennifer Jackson from

In a basement meeting room of the Head Gaje’s oval-spiral Headquarters, an arched doorway slid open. Doctor Gino’s tired, wrinkled eyes also bolted open; he had only been resting them. He’d practically been dragged from his bed, after all. Ovoidia’s Chief Crusader, Rigby Katz, entered the hermetical, bleach-white room holding his round helmet, nestled under his thick, toned arm. Eyes bright and vigilant—a caffeine glow—he must have only just finished his shift, Doctor thought. He had been a Crusader for over thirty years but had the good fortune of not appearing his age. Rigby scanned the room like a robot from Robocop or Terminator, one of the Pre-Ultimate Revolution movies. After completing a thorough assessment, he surveyed the white leather office chair where Doctor sat with his liver-spotted hands folded on the round table. 

"Oh good. I'm not the first to arrive." Crusader Katz clomped in wearing heavy black boots, clean as the day they were made. "Gives me anxiety waiting around, wondering if I'm at the right place. Easy to get lost down here."

A round clock above the arched doorway swept past the seconds. It was almost three A.M. Doctor hadn’t expected the tribunal meeting to take place so late.

"Do you know why we're having the meeting now?" Doctor asked, casually.

Rigby regarded Doctor with amusement, rather like the way a mama looks at her child when she asks where babies come from. "Yes, the Head Gajes had an inauguration party to attend.”

Doctor yawned. So much for not having time to get a coffee.

Crusader Katz removed a piece of spearmint gum and his cell phone from his utility belt. He owned the newest model, a razor-thin silver flip-phone with a peek window on the front. When he flipped it open, the interior buttons reflected electric blue on his milky eyes. Doctor didn't know why cell phones required upgrades. So long as they served their primary function who cared what they looked like?

Crusader Katz snapped the phone shut and shoved it back in his belt. "No service." He sighed.

"We're too far down," Doctor said, pleased with himself.

The steady hum of an air purifier oscillated from a corner. A few stray bubbles burped in a standing water cooler. Doctor eased a ballpoint pen from his lab coat and hovered it over the table, pinching the cap to make sure it was firmly secured. He was forever spilling ink or coffee on the ubiquitous white leather.

“I forgot my notepad,” Doctor said, surprised at his error. While most communications in Ovoidia were transcribed digitally, Doctor preferred to handwrite his notes for archival purposes.

He experienced nostalgia for the tactile fluidity the pen afforded the fingers. “Do you happen to have an extra pad or a piece of paper?” he asked Crusader Katz.

Just then, the meeting room door opened to the heady scent of a dozen steamed bouquets, as though the Head Gajes had bathed in the buckets of wilting flowers being sold on the streets in the mid-day heat. Diam, the eldest of the Head Gajes strolled, chin up, into the room. Her stilettos tapped like hail on glass as she walked across the marble floor. She wore a black satin skirt flared above her knee. Her skin shone, glossy and supple. Isis, the younger Head Gaje, teetered in behind her, gripping a round red lollipop on a white stick.

Lindsay Lees is originally from Los Angeles and holds dual citizenship in the U.S. and the United Kingdom, and while growing up and later in college, she split her time between the two countries. Lindsay earned a B.A. in 2008 from Manchester Metropolitan University, and next an Creative Writing from California College of the Arts. 

The Willing is Lindsay’s debut novel. She currently lives a quiet Southern life with her husband and a houseful of pets. 

Visit her website or connect with her at FACEBOOK and GOODREADS.

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Sunday 17 October 2021

BOOK REVIEW: Girl Gone Mad by Avery Bishop

Girl Gone Mad
Author: Avery Bishop
Genre: Thriller / Crime / Mystery / Suspense
Publication Date: 1 September 2020

Book Description:
They say everything is fun and games until someone gets hurt. Well, someone did—and now the game has changed…

Emily Bennett works as a therapist in Pennsylvania, helping children overcome their troubled pasts—even as she struggles to forget her own. Once upon a time, Emily was part of a middle school clique called the Harpies—six popular girls who bullied the new girl to her breaking point.

The Harpies took a blood oath: never tell a soul what they did to Grace Farmer.

Now, fourteen years later, it seems karma has caught up to them when one member of that vicious circle commits suicide. But when a second Harpy is discovered dead shortly after, also from apparent suicide, the deaths start to look suspicious. And when Emily starts seeing a woman who looks a lot like Grace Farmer lurking in the shadows, she’s forced to wonder: Is Grace back for revenge? Or is Emily’s guilt driving her mad?

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but the Harpies are about to find out just how much words can hurt you. 

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Fourteen years ago, a group of school friends known as the Harpies tormented new girl Grace Farmer and now, after the apparent suicide of one Harpy, it appears as though the past has finally caught up with them. Following the death of a second Harpy, another apparent suicide, Emily Bennett starts to suspect foul play. When all the clues point to Grace Farmer, Emily realises their old friend is out for revenge. But is Emily's guilt of her involvement in Grace's torture leading her astray or is Grace Farmer really behind all the deaths?

I tried very hard to love this book, but no matter how much I stuck with it, I just couldn't connect with the characters or enjoy the way the plot was unfolding. I enjoyed the first quarter of the book, being introduced to Emily and her psychological imbalances and seeing how her relationships have been affected by past events. It was intriguing and had the qualities of suspense and mystery that I was looking for. However, the plot quickly started to drag, so much that it started to seem as though it was on a repetitive cycle. The one or two clues here and there took far too long to unravel, and even so, there were no surprises (or at least none that I didn't anticipate) thrown in the mix to add some excitement to the story.

Throughout the book, we get to see flashbacks of the Harpies at school and how they treated others and each other, which was insightful in terms of coming to an understanding of why Grace would be seeking revenge. These girls were more frenemies than they were friends. Their portrayal was very one dimensional, which made it difficult to empathise or sympathise with them or their situation. Their malevolence stemmed from wanting attention and wanting to feel important, but there was no depth to their characters. While Emily seemed remorseful for her part in their treatment of Grace, there wasn't much character development or growth from start to finish.

The story certainly dealt with serious subject matters that I really wanted to enjoy exploring, however, the story was just too cliche and stereotypical for me, and I just didn't enjoy it.


Rating: 2 Star
Source: Amazon Prime Reading

Friday 15 October 2021

Book Blitz & Giveaway - A Heart So Wild by Raine Thomas

A Heart So Wild
Author: Raine Thomas
Publication Date: October 12th, 2021
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance / Sports

Book Description:
He’s a sexy left winger for the NHL’s newest expansion team, the Atlanta Siege, and he’s a player in every sense of the word.

Callan Murphy’s on a mission: get his teammate laid.

A night out at Atlanta’s hottest nightclub is all he’ll need to find the perfect woman to blow his goalie’s … mind. But when he catches a glimpse of a dark-haired beauty standing across the dance floor, winging for his friend is the last thing on his mind.

She’s perfect, all right. Perfect for him. Now he just has to convince her of that, something he never expects to be such a challenge.

She’s a mysterious bombshell who’s about to teach him what it’s like to play in the big leagues of the heart.

Roxy Wagner’s on a mission: get her best friend laid.

When they head out to ladies’ night in search of Mr. Right Now, it doesn’t take her long to spot the two tall, dark, and stud-lies watching them from across the club. One look at the bearded hottie with the seductive heat in his eyes tells her she’s about to go up against a real player.

She should know … it takes one to know one. And she’s not interested in playing for keeps.

It starts with a night out winging for friends. How it all ends will depend on whether Callan can find a way to tame Roxy’s wild heart.

Game on.

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Tuesday 12 October 2021

Book Blitz & Giveaway - In the Echo of this Ghost Town by C.L. Walters

In the Echo of this Ghost Town
Author: C.L. Walters
Publication Date: October 12th, 2021
Genre: YA Contemporary

Book Description:
When everything in your life unravels and the future you imagined disintegrates into dust—how do you decide which way is forward?

Griffin Nichols has lost everyone close to him. Unhealthy choices rooted in unmet expectations have him feeling like he’s failing at being a man. Everything he thought he knew about being a good son, brother, and friend has him feeling as substantive as an echo.

He’s lost.

Then Maxwell Wallace walks into his life and teaches him that sometimes in the weakness of the echo is where he can claim his strength.

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