Sunday 10 October 2021

BOOK REVIEW - Ékleipsis: the Abyss by Tamel Who

Ékleipsis: the Abyss
Author: Tamel Who
Genre: Short Story / Horror / Crime / Thriller
Publication Date: 29th October 2021

Book Description:
The seed of evil has been planted …

What will happen when its roots take hold?

Ékleipsis: The Abyss is the second short story collection by the award-winning author.

Tales of depravation and insanity are woven together with unrelenting style and depth, scrutinizing human nature’s degeneration when compromised by tragic, vicious circumstances.

These complex, wretched individuals and the irremediable conditions they are desperate to claw out of—or into—invoke the unfathomable question: What devastation are we truly capable of when left with no way out but down . . . into the obscurity of the abyss?

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After reading and enjoying the first anthology of short stories by Who earlier this year, I was happy to delve back into the dark and seedy reality that is Ékleipsis: the Abyss. This second collection of short stories takes readers on a journey into the seemingly bottomless pit of the greed and hunger of humanity. The collection explores various relatable themes and presents a very realistic portrayal of the dark side of human desires. The author explored various dark themes from suicide, kidnap, murder, serial killer to mental deterioration. It was an exciting and intruding collection that had me glued from start to finish. I especially liked how the way the stories ended in a chilling and unresolved way.

As much as I enjoyed all the stories, I have to say that two of the stories really stood out for me, and they were All Day and a Night, about an ex-con exacting revenge on his wardens and giving them a taste of their own medicine, and En Prise, about a young woman on her way to try her hand at a career in music and hitches a ride with a truck driver whose behaviour soon start to suggest a deadly intention. I did find some of the stories predictable at times, but that didn't bother me, because it's the way the stories unfolded and the authenticity of the portrayal that grabbed my focus and kept me entertained.

Another well-written collection from Who. I would highly recommend this book for all those looking for stories that will keep them on the edge of their seats.


Rating: 4 Stars
Source: Author

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