Saturday 19 June 2021

BOOK REVIEW: Goodnight, Campsite by Loretta Sponslor

Goodnight, Campsite
Author: Loretta Sponsler
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Publication Date: 20th November 2015

Book Description:
Children love books, almost as much as they love camping! “Goodnight, Campsite,” is the perfect place for young readers to start a great outdoor adventure and discover camping options along the way – options from tents to various recreational vehicles (RVs).

“Goodnight, Campsite,” is set in a beautiful nature park. The story follows visitors as they explore the park during the day (hiking, biking, fishing, etc.), and then returns with them to their campsite at night.

Preschool-aged children will love the beautiful and colorful pictures – and searching for the squirrel hiding in the pictures. Rhyming text will keep children engaged, as they build sound associations and phonemic skills.

Also included in the book is a Campsite Bingo game!

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Good illustrations and rhymes but I think this one will miss the mark with the targeted audience. It wasn't exciting enough to retain one's full attention and it's focus on a camping experience for adults rather than for kids may not bode well with young readers. It was an okay read albeit somewhat tedious.


Rating: 2 Stars
Source: Own copy

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