Sunday 20 June 2021

BOOK REVIEW: Anna by Meghan Riley

Author: Meghan Riley
Genre: YA Fantasy / Coming of Age / Romance / Sci-Fi
Publication Date: 29th August 2013

Book Description:
Just your average high school science geek…or not? When a haphazard smattering of freckles on her arm start to change causing a series of unnerving hallucinations and odd side effects that only Anna seems to notice, she can’t help but wonder if she’s losing her mind or if there truly is something to the visions. Her roller coaster senior year of high school may make it easy for her to live in denial, but she'll soon learn what you don't know about yourself could kill you. Will you see the clues before Anna does?

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Anna Stuart is your average high school kid trying to get through life after the death of her father, who died while on duty in Afghanistan. With her younger brother rebelling and her mother struggling to keep everything in order, the only semblance of escape and normality Anna has to rely on is the company of her best friend, Heather, and her school crush, Steve McCormick, one of the most popular guys in school who barely knows she’s alive. Things start to change, however, when Anna notices strange freckles on her arm that she links to the hallucinations that start to invade her life. Is Anna losing the plot or is there more behind these strange freckles?

As a coming of age romance, the book pans out well. The problem is that a coming of age romance was not what was promised. I was expecting a fantasy novel but the book barely showcased much fantasy elements. The priority was on Anna and Steve and how she felt about him. I didn’t mind the interaction and chemistry between Anna and Steve but it took up the majority of the story, and I was really looking forward to exploring the fantasy elements, but they were ignored and pushed aside in favour of a rather mundane story. I didn’t expect to finish the book, but I found Anna to be a very likeable character that I stuck with it to find out the cause behind the freckles.

It was just an okay read for me. I was promised a different adventure, and I suppose that left me feeling disappointed.


Rating: 2 Star
Source: Own Copy

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