Tuesday 1 May 2018

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Taken by Fae

Book Description:
Penelope Rose wants freedom to make her own choices, and freedom from her arranged marriage. She finds escapism through storybooks about faeries. But when she finally meets one, will she discover they're as benevolent as she's read? Or is there a much darker twist to her fairy tales?

Alphas Unleashed: Part One

Book Description:
Sara Cole has been running her whole life, from the vampires that hunt werewolves like her, and from the feral and dangerous male werewolves that have experienced nothing but violence, and know nothing but inflictingviolence on others.

Connor and Marcus are two strong alpha wolves joined by past pain at the hands of vampires. They tried to move on, searching for years for mates without finding a single female werewolf left alive. So now, day and night, they hunt vampires. But when they stumble across a curvy female werewolf, alone and afraid, their desire engulfs them, and they’ll do anything to make her theirs, even if it means sharing.

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Jax Starlight

Book Description:
When the Exodus ships left earth, we all thought we had a chance at starting over, finding a new world to build a colony. Only that didn’t happen. We crashed on an inhabited planet and woke up to a nightmare we can’t escape. There’s something different about this world. It’s changing me. I’m stronger, faster, and…

I know what some would say, but they’ve got it all wrong. No one in their right mind would want this power and the responsibility that comes with it. Definitely not me. I’m not a superhero. I’m just Jax, freak extraordinaire, and this is my story.

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The Coven Princess

Book Description:
Your blood does not define you.

Harley Torrance's parents were killed in a home invasion when she was three. Adopted by a nice couple, Harley begins to develop strange powers. At fourteen she brews a potion so strong it gains the attention of the Coven King, and changes her world forever.

She's not human, she's a witch.

Now a part of the magical community, Harley must learn to control her powers lest the Darkness already in her blood overcomes her. Can she dampen her lust for power in order to stop the Dark from taking over the Coven and killing everyone in their way?

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