Friday 18 May 2018

BOOK REVIEW: The Assassin of Oz by Nicky Peacock

The Assassin of Oz
The Twisted and the Brave, Volume 2
Author: Nicky Peacock

Book Description:
Monsters and madmen and murderers, oh my! A club of serial killers calling themselves Oz is stalking the streets of London. Alone and desperate, 17-year-old Halo finds herself drawn into the middle of their blood-soaked storm of murders. Struggling to survive, Halo must contend with both known and unknown killers, put her trust in the most unlikely of devilish places, and play by a new set of rules if she is to become the Assassin of Oz. Gavin, a young US homicide detective, has moved to the UK to catch the serial killers, Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow, and The Munchkin Masher but soon finds himself two steps behind the headline-grabbing murderers and one step behind vigilante group, Wonderland. Stalked by death and danger, both Halo and Gavin are going to need all the brains, heart, and courage they can muster to take down Oz.

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Nicky Peacock hits home again with this high intesity, adrenaline fuelled adventure about a young girl on a mission to wipe out an organisation of ruthless murderers that goes by the name of Oz. I thought the first book in the series, Lost in Wonderland, was as good as it could get, but in steps 17-year-old Halo equipped with all the necessary skills required to take down an army, and all she had to do to get her abilities was make a deal with the devil - literally. All Halo has ever wanted is a loving family and a place to call home. Instead, she got Jack, her abusive stepdad. After her mother abandoned her, she was left to deal with Jack's fist. But one day, things take a turn, and Halo finds herself with blood on her hands - Jack's blood. Soon after Jack's death, a strange fella enters Halo's life and promises to protect her as long as she comes work for his company, Oz. He calls himself the Wizard of Oz. Scared and alone and with nowhere to turn, Halo becomes an unwilling member of Oz, joining a ank of murderers who terrorise the streets of London.

It's not long before Halo realises that Oz isn't for her, and when she refuses to kill for the Wizard, she's executed, only to end up in hell with an offer on the plate that she can't refuse. Agreeing to return to the world of the living, Halo has a new set of rules to live by, but this time, she's a willing client, especially since she's tasked to wipe out the same organisation that ended her life. With vengeance on her mind, Halo will let nothing get in her way of demolishing the Wizard of Oz and his minions.

I loved this book. It was a quick and fun read. The characters were multifaceted and there were no dull moments. I can't fault it. I've got no complaints. It was a very satisfying read, which is rare for me, so this was a great treat. I wasn't so fond of the Alice in Wonderland references in Lost in Wonderland, but the references to the Wizard of Oz in this book is very fitting and does well in complementing the story.

I definitely recommend this book. I certainly look forward to exploring other books by Nicky Peacock. She's delivered a well-written and intriguing series. Nicely done.


Award: Platinum
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Source: Publisher

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