Friday 29 December 2017

BOOK REVIEW: The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks by Zuni Blue

The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks
(The Mya Dove Case Files)
Author: Zuni Blue
Genre: Children's Fiction / Mystery / Short Story
Publication Date: July 18th, 2013

Book Description:
The Mya Dove Case Files start with The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks, a crime short story. There's a new girl at school. Rumour has it she doesn't speak, doesn't smile much, and doesn't play with others. That means she's mean, right? Maybe. Maybe not...

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What a charming book this was. It tells the tale of Mya Dove, a boisterous six-year-old P.I. who tackles challenging cases in exchange for treats - preferably grapes. When new girl Libby Smith arrives at school and refuses to interact with any of the kids, she becomes big gossip around school as kids start to question whether or not she's a mean girl. Mya is hired to solve the case and what she uncovers teaches her not only about the new girl and the reason behind her behaviour but she also learns a thing or two about her own actions towards others.

This story reveals an important message about social anxiety that would inspire young readers everywhere and make them think about how they interact with others. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey Mya took us on and loved the colourful characters introduced. I would have loved it if the author had delved a little deeper into how Mya came to acquire her position as an investigator for her school and perhaps showcased Libby a little more as the investigation did surround her, yet she didn't have much of a presence and she certainly didn't make enough of an impression on Mya to get her to conclude her investigation.

I look forward to Mya's other adventures. A good read for the whole family.


Award: Silver
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars
Source: Own copy

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