Thursday 21 December 2017

Blog Tour Promo & Giveaway - Tainted Legacy by Tabitha Peattie

Tainted Legacy: The Ash Academy Series
Author: Tabitha Peattie
Genre: YA Fantasy Romance
Release Date: August 25th, 2017

Book Description:
What would you do if your parents had committed the worst crime in history? 

Who would you turn to if the laws, meant to protect you, were corrupted? 

When is it ok for all the good people to do bad things and the bad people to do good things? 

How can you fall in love with the person who was destined to hate you? 

Welcome to the world of the world of the Gifted. 

Ava has always lived on the fringes of society with her close-knit family. Ever protected, loved and sheltered until the day it’s time to start at Ash Academy. 

Nothing is as it seems, as Ava finds out that everything she thinks she knows is tainted. Tainted by death, lies and deceit. It is her job to learn the truth and stay true to herself despite the darkness all around her. 

No one survives that kind of drama alone. Through Ava’s discovery of their society and her place in it, she will find kindness and support in the most unlikely places. 

From the Ashes we Rise! 

For Readers who enjoyed authors such as: 
Richelle Mead 
Cassandra Clare 
Kelly St Clare 
Jaymin eve 
Laura Thalassa 

A gripping first book in the Ash Academy series. This book is a full-length novel with a HEA and no cliff-hangers. Step into a magical world about love, loss and self-discovery.

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Ava idly put her hand in the water and swayed it around against the gentle current of the river, which like her, seemed to relax in the tranquility of the woods. She felt something brush against her fingers, she looked down to find an array of colours, as her hand scattered a shoal of fish into disarray. Leaving her hand in the river motionless, some of the fish came up to her and started to tickle her with the brushes of their tails and bodies.

A fish rising to the surface caught her attention, it was floating unnaturally on its side, which baffled Ava. Than another one joined it and then another until at least ten fishes were bobbing along the surface, unmoving. A scene from ‘War of the Worlds’ flashed into her head, where dead bodies floated down the river unmoving, like these fish, whose eyes, with their blank stares, shot daggers through Ava.

Jumping up, she felt the air rush out of her and the familiar tightening of her chest begin. What had just happened?  Horrified she let out a strangled cry. Wiping river water from her face, only to realize it was her tears wetting her face. Trying to get distance from the dead fish, she tried to jump back across the river but without the momentum she had before she hit the muddy side of the bank.

In her frustration and panic she blindly scrambled up the bank, mindless to her ripping muddy school uniform. All she wanted, no needed, was to get away from the river and the blank eyes of death. Her dream came rushing back to her and she found she didn’t have enough air in her lungs to run. She just crumpled down to the forest floor, silently sobbing, waiting to wake up from this nightmare also.

She was vaguely aware of movement around her. The sounds of the woods seemed to engulf her as one of their own, as she blended in by her unmoving form. She heard footsteps and tensed, not wanting to have to try and explain everything. It took a moment to realise that who or whatever was making those footsteps was not human, so she started to relax.

Feeling hot breath on her face and a light snort, she blinked away her tears to see a deer staring down at her, its expression not too dissimilar as her own, surprise mingled with fear. But the deer did not back away, and Ava was too caught in her downward spiral to care all that much. It bent its head lower and she felt its lips brush against her forehead nibbling on some leaf or something which had landed on her. Still she lay unmoving and uncaring as a small voice in the back of her head was telling her there was a deer, a wild animal, so close.

The deer had stopped nibbling and Ava carried in her self-pity, which turned into self-disgust when she realized how pitiful she was. Then she heard a distinctive thumping sound, as if something had hit the ground hard. Turning her head to the side, it took her a few minutes to blink back her tears again, so she could survey the woods.

What she found was the deer’s eyes staring at her. Startled she jumped back, but even though she had made a sudden movement, the deer stayed motionless on the floor. The screaming started to build up in her head, it was so loud. Everything was dying around her, and she didn’t know why. She did know it was her fault, she was causing it. As in her dream, she was the only thing standing when everything she touched lay motionless, now and forever more.

About the Author
I have been writing for 6 years and have written a number of books. I am really excited to start publishing these and see if others love my books like I do. I'm influenced by so many authors and books that I couldn't list them all the! All my stories have a theme of overcoming what nature has given you as this is something I have really experienced in life. I have struggled with MS since I was 17. This is something which has given me the strength and the experience to be able to write about the lowest lows and the highest highs.

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