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Blog Tour Excerpt - Second Chances by Kimberly O'Malley

Second Chances 
Author: Kimberly O'Malley
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Date Published: 11/30/17
Publisher: Carolina Blue Publishing

Book Description:
Dr. Charlotte Avery is the newest resident of Windsor Falls, North Carolina. Just back from the war-ravaged plains of Africa, Charlie only wants to settle into her new life and to reconnect with Elizabeth Fitzgerald, her best friend from residency. What she doesn’t expect, or need, is the instant attraction she feels for Elizabeth’s brother-in-law, Brendan. A single dad, Brendan Fitzgerald isn’t interested in anything that will further complicate his life. Will they be open to a second chance?

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Elizabeth nodded, a suspicious smile spreading across her face. “Speaking of the Fitzgeralds, how’s it going with Brendan?”

Charlie tried to act cool but failed miserably. She glanced around to ensure they were alone. Gossip mills thrived in hospitals. “Fabulous.” She felt a blush spread across her cheekbones.

Elizabeth clapped her hands together. “I knew it! Tell me everything.”

“Shush. I don’t want to be the next topic of conversation around here. Besides, it’s very new. As in this week.”

“Really? I would swear there were sparks with you two from the moment you met.”

“Oh, there were. But we’re both being cautious for obvious reasons.”

Elizabeth tilted her head. “Obvious reasons?”

Charlie blew out a long breath and turned her chair to face Elizabeth. “He’s very careful about dating because of the girls. And I, well, that’s a long story.”

Elizabeth rolled her chair closer until her knees bumped Charlie’s. “And you? What?” Her mouth turned downwards and her shoulders drooped. “I know there’s something going on with you. Something you haven’t been able to tell me yet. I’m here for you.”

Tears sprang to her eyes. She took Elizabeth’s hands in hers. “I know that, Elizabeth. And I’m thankful. The time has never been right.” She glanced at her friend’s pregnant belly. “But, I’m dealing with it. Really.”

Elizabeth grasped her hands and squeezed. “My being pregnant has nothing to do with this, Charlie. I’m here for you, no matter what. As you were there for me in Los Angeles.”

Charlie pulled her hands free and swiped at the tears that had leaked from her eyes. She offered up a watery smile. “I know, Elizabeth. And I will tell you. Everything. But in my own time.”

“Okay, then. So, back to juicy details about Brendan.” She screwed up her face. “On the other hand, he’s like a brother to me, so not so juicy.”

About the Author
Kimberley O’Malley is a recent transplant to Charlotte, North Carolina from the frozen North. She is learning to say y’all but draws the line at sweet tea. Sarcasm is an art form in her world. When not writing, she is a full-time nurse and part-time soccer Mom, but not necessarily in that order. She shares her life with an amazing husband of more than twenty years, two teenagers, and one very sweet Shetland Sheepdog, Molly.

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