Wednesday 3 May 2017

Book Blitz & Giveaway - Seven Days with You by Hugo Driscoll

Seven Days with You
Author: Hugo Driscoll
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 10th, 2017
Leap of Faith Publishing

Book Description:
Sean Johnson’s life as a small-town farmhand has been nothing but predictable, but when he meets Sophia Hillingdon at the local animal sanctuary, she gets him out of an eighteen-year rut, away from the mundane existence on the farm, and a grieving, drunken father.

Sophia is the first person who understands him and makes him believe that he might get out of their small town, who tells him, he has the potential to be whoever he wants to be and do whatever he wants to do.

But as their relationship unfolds, it is the most devastating of news that will change both of them forever.


Her face was nearer than it had ever been. Her skin felt smooth and warm. All I could do was lean further into her, losing myself in the moment. And then there were her piercing blue eyes-even more extraordinary up close. Before I knew it, I’d brought my hands to her chest as our parting lips collided. We kissed for hours, inhabiting each other with such force as our bodies rolled across the cooled grass. She was the change I had been searching for. It was the first time I realized; I could be anywhere in the world, but nowhere without her.

About the Author
Hugo Driscoll is a 25-year-old British author and content writer for an online publication in London.

Seven Days with You is his first novel.

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  1. The book description and excerpt sounds intriguing. Thanks for sharing. Love the cover too.

  2. How you gonna keep him down on the farm after he's seen Sophia?

  3. Thank you for the excerpt & giveaway.

  4. Sounds like a great book thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you for the chance !

  6. I too sometimes feel in a rut

  7. I certainly need to know what the devastating news is. Sounds like a read I would enjoy.

  8. oh this sounds great! Would love to read it.

  9. Thank you for the excerpt & giveaway.

  10. Thanks for the support :) I hope you all enjoy the read!

  11. What was your inspiration for the book?

  12. Hi Bailey,

    Thanks for reaching out. The book itself was actually influened by a dream. That said, I was also inspired to write Seven Days with You after coming out of a serious relationship. I hope that's answered your question. Hopefully you enjoy the book :)

  13. So young to be published, that's wonderful! I'm wondering what the news is that is so devastating, I'm intrigued!

  14. Thank you for hosting this giveaway :)

  15. This sounds like a great read! Thank you!