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Blog Tour Excerpt & Giveaway - Sonora and the Eye of the Titans by T.S. Hall

Sonora and the Eye of the Titans
T.S. Hall
Publication Date: January 14th, 2017
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Book Description:
The King is dead, and the capital city of Titanis has fallen. The world of Sonora is at war, and the only hope against the onslaught of the Titan army lies with the last royal descendant of Zeus, who is being covertly sheltered on Earth in the secluded mountain town of Sandy, Oregon.

Allora is a shy, intelligent sixteen-year-old, trying to get through the gauntlet of high school while coming to terms with her otherworldly origins. After getting into a fight at soccer tryouts, Allora’s emotions boil over, and her hands suddenly burst into flames. She has harnessed the power of hadrons at the highest level, but at extreme cost. The magical outburst projects an energy signature that is detected by a group of assassins tasked with killing Sonoran rebels.

To survive, Allora, Katie, Dax, and Tanner must find a powerful ancient artifact known as the Eye of the Titans. With the help of a guardian known as Sasquatch, they will have to fight off creatures, solve complex riddles, and navigate magical caverns, all while enduring advanced calculus, jealous girlfriends, and prom.

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Allora and Katie squished closer together, scanning the area like skittish cats. A quiet scurrying echoed in the dark. Allora frantically swung the light around, feeling her heart beat twice as fast. The beam of light projected a large shadow of a spider, seen on the wall as over ten feet high. Katie screamed, but when their narrowed eyes finally grew accustomed to the dark, they saw a tiny arachnid spider dangling from the ceiling, no bigger than a pencil eraser.

Embarrassed, Katie walked ahead defiantly. “I could have taken that spider!”

Allora squinted in the darkness. Above Katie, something moved against the cavern ceiling.

“They are such awful little creatures,” Katie said, shaking with disgust. Above her, a long, thin leg clasped a stalactite, tightly wrapping itself around it. “Their webs are the worst. Ew!”

Slowly, Allora moved the light up, illuminating a grotesque figure. The creature had what looked like three heads joined at the ears, a single cyclops eye in each. Its arms looked like razor-sharp butcher knives, with fingerlike tentacles. The creature’s body was thin, covered in short-fuzzy hair, and equipped with more than ten long legs, allowing it to move along the roof of the cave with frightening quickness.

The monster crawled slowly, hanging right above Katie’s head. Allora was paralyzed with fear. All she could do was stand there with her mouth open, frozen with fright.

“Not funny, Allora,” Katie said. “I’m not turning around, so stop trying to scare me.” Katie defiantly stood with her hands crossed on her chest. “This isn’t the time or the place for practical jokes, so you might as well—”

Just then, the creature reached out with its butcher claw, and Allora planted her foot and sprang forward with a jerk, a forceful lunge that knocked Katie off her feet. The creature swung its cleaver-like arm downward, missing the feet of the flying teens.

After she rolled to a stop, Katie got to her feet in confusion. “What the hell are you doing?” she asked, shaking the dirt and dust from her white coat. “Do you realize how expensive this thing is?”

Allora crawled on all fours, grabbed the flashlight, and projected it on their attacker. The light shined on the creature as it pulled its arm from the ground.

“Oh… that,” Katie said.

About the Author
I’m a writer, skier, and wanderer. I grew up in Portland, Oregon, but currently live in the beautiful mountain resort town of Sun Valley, Idaho. I love history, mythology, and the fantastical interpretations that have been incorporated in my debut young adult urban fantasy series called Sonora.

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  1. The book description and excerpt sounds intriguing. Thanks for sharing. Love the cover too.

  2. Thank you for the excerpt & giveaway.