Saturday 9 July 2016

CBY'S Saturday Current Reads - Lost Amidst the Cosmic Storm by Mike Phillips


Genre: YA Fantasy
Expected Release Date: Fall 2016

Book Description:
It’s a bold new world that no one was ready for…

When the first colony reached the planet that would become their new home, tragedy struck. The sun exploded, sending solar flares of incalculable magnitude into space, destroying the colonist’s fragile technologies and leaving them helpless. One of the colony ships crashed in an ocean near a cluster of islands. Another was lost somewhere in the world. The last was flung deep into the endless void.

The survivors of the first ship began their new lives. Hoping against all hope that they could find their sister ship, the people of the islands made their way to the continent. There they found great beasts of burden, strange creatures that seemed almost tame, creatures that would take them over the vastness of the new world. But all was not to end happily. The alien night came and the colonists were attacked by terrible beasts. That is where this story begins.

The children survived. As their parents died, they escaped to safety. Nearly fifteen years later finds the children living in the world, still searching for the lost colony. But the children were too young to know their own history, and have built a mythology about those they seek and the strange world they find themselves in. This story tells of the children’s last journey through the wilderness, and what happens when they finally find their brethren and rescue.

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