Wednesday 20 January 2016

Blog Tour Guest Post - Bring Me to Life by Nicole Thorn

Bring Me to Life
Author: Nicole Thorn
Release Date: January 15, 2016

Keywords: urban fantasy, paranormal, witchcraft, romance, action, adventure, new adult
Categories: Paranormal Romance/Fantasy
Page Count: 498
ISBN: 978-1523276868 & 152327686X
Imprint: Howling Wolf

Book Description:
Anastasia wanted to be a witch. One of her friends even found a spell to give her magic. But before the spell is over, Anastasia dies. She wakes up in Hell, having to serve a purgatory sentence for her crime.

When Anastasia is suddenly ripped out of Hell and brought topside, Ezra, a demon working for Lucifer, is told to send her soul down below. When he finds her, there are questions that must be answered. He decides to keep her alive until he knows her friends won’t resurrect her again.

While he still has Anastasia, he’s sent on another assignment. They have to work together to stop a murderer. But as she and Ezra grow closer, the decision to get away from him becomes harder. To save her life and find out the truth behind her death, she must leave the only person who has made her ever feel alive.

One Liner:
Raised from the dead after meeting her demise in a blood magic ritual, Anastasia finds herself having to survive an assassin sent from Lucifer if she wants a second chance at life. 

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Guest Post

I first got the idea for Bring Me To Life by complete chance. It was as simple as my friend being a little late picking me up. If she hadn’t been running five minutes behind, the story never would have happened. As I waited for her car to pull up, I left music playing in my room. I heard a line in a song and it stuck.

The idea picked at me for a few days before I decided to pay a little more attention to it. When I sat down to figure it out, the pieces started coming together fairly quickly. With some helpful advice from a writer friend of mine, I finally had a place to start.
Anastasia was easy to craft. She was numb, and broken, but she didn’t want to be. She wanted to live because of the cost that three innocent people paid so that she could come back from the dead. It meant that she had to make an effort, but it was just that. An effort. Everything in her wanted to shut down.

In comes Ezra, who also came back from the dead. Only, he didn’t want to be more than numb. He thrived in the darkness that made him who he was. It was where he wanted to stay, and where he belonged. He didn’t think he deserved anything else, and he was fine with that. He did his job and kept to himself for more than two hundred years, because reality was just too much for him. Waking up wasn’t an option.

Then these two people who have far too much in common, are thrown together under the worst of circumstances. Anastasia wants to live, and Ezra has to kill her. And they fine each other to be the only thing that can make the numbness go away. They make it worth risking the shock of reality that would come with not allowing themselves to feel that safe numbness they’d grown too used to.

Since they had so much in common, naturally, they hated each other. Because of that fact, it made planning the book a little difficult. For me, friction like that between pretty much the only two characters for most of the story meant that I didn’t always know where the characters would lead me. I had to only look a short jump ahead until I was finished with the story.

In the end, the story ended up being more about the characters than the plot for me. So it always seems to go. The plot neatly twisted around the characters and became the only story that could work for them. There was simply no other way to tell their story.

About the Author
Nicole "Cappie" Thorn was born in California but, after a stint in Kansas, moved to a suburb of Phoenix. She spends a lot of her free time knitting and reading from her massive book collection. Her eclectic tastes, like Disneyland, Buffy and all things London, carry into her writing. She started writing in her early twenties and finds it wonderfully addictive.

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