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Blog Tour Excerpt & Giveaway - The Key of Alanar by Rory B. Mackay

The Key of Alanar 
(The Alanar Ascendant #1)
Rory B. Mackay
Publication date: August 15th, 2015
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy

Book Description:
Lasandria: an ancient, advanced civilization, consigned to oblivion by the greed and power-lust of its own people. The coming apocalypse heralds the arrival of a new evil that will ravage the world of Alanar for an entire age. Yet on the eve of Lasandria’s destruction, the ethereal overseers of the mortal realm grant a dispensation—a promise of hope for the future.

That hope lies with an orphaned teenager named David, born some ten millennia later; a boy whose isolated and uncertain existence leads him on a journey upon which hinges the fate of not just his world, but countless others.

On the run from a brutal military force, David’s quest is one born of shattered dreams and tainted by the thirst for revenge. As an inter-dimensional war that has been waged since the beginning of time threatens to consume his world, the dark force that destroyed Lasandria lurks in the shadows, ready to take possession of the one thing that will either save Alanar or destroy it: David.

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While the Magistrate continued trying to restore order, his aides dragged Janir to the far end of the square where they deposited him by the old grocer’s store. After muttering some kind of warning, they stomped off, returning to the podium. David plunged through the sea of people to get to his mentor. “Janir!”

Janir looked up, his face set in a look of grim resolve.

“What do we do now?” David asked, joining him beneath the arched doorway.

“We’ve done all we can here,” Janir said. “It’s time to gather our belongings and prepare to leave the island.”

He motioned for them to depart, but David looked round at the restless crowd. “Shouldn’t we stay to help with the evacuation?”

“If Arick has his way there won’t be an evacuation. But we warned everyone and hopefully those with the sense to heed us will leave of their own accord. We have to make our own plans, David. It’s imperative that we get you to safety.”

“I have to talk to my mother and friends. They’ll listen to me; I can persuade them to come with us. I’m not going to leave behind the people I care about.”

“Well, essentially it’s their choice, but…” Janir trailed off, distracted by a noise in the distance.

David was unfamiliar with the sound; a rumbling, mechanical droning. “What is that?”

“No,” Janir gasped, his face instantly draining of color. “It can’t be...”

“What?” David stared at him, alarmed by the look on his mentor’s face. “What is it, Janir?”

The noise grew louder by the second: a piercing rumble that cut through the air like the roar of the ocean amid a storm; only it was an unnatural, mechanized sound, the vibration intense enough to make the ground tremble beneath their feet.

“Janir!” David had to shout to be heard above the noise.

Janir was silent, his eyes wide with terror.

David’s attention was drawn upward. He could scarcely believe his eyes. Something appeared in the sky above the town: a colossal black object. David had never laid eyes on, or even dreamt of such a thing. An airship of some kind, the tapered metallic body was triangular in shape, its outstretched, arched wings making it look like a killer insect of nightmarish proportions, hovering above the town, ready to devour the terrified inhabitants. Another craft appeared alongside the first, eclipsing the sunlight and casting a murky shadow upon the town.

“The Alliance!” Janir cried in alarm.

But it couldn’t be. Naranyan had said the Alliance wouldn’t strike for three days...

The shouts and screams of the crowd were all that could be heard above the rumble of the airships. In a blind panic, the islanders gathered their families together, while others simply ran for shelter.

David remained rooted to the spot, overcome by shock as he stared up at the motionless predators in the sky. The nightmare that had haunted him for the past day had finally come to terrifying life. The Alliance was here—and they were here for him.

About the Author
A natural born writer, thinker and dreamer, Rory Mackay was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1979. As an ardent student of Vedanta, Zen and Taoism, one of Rory’s true passions is exploring the potential of fiction and art to elevate mood and expand consciousness.

Rory is the author of the visionary fantasy/sci-fi novels “Eladria” (2013) and “The Key of Alanar” (2015), as well as a translation and commentary of the Tao Te Ching (2014) and several short stories. He is in the process of writing a self help book and writes a regular blog at His website is

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