Wednesday 30 September 2015

Book Of The Month - Taming the Darkness

And the September Book Of The Month Award goes to:

Taming the Darkness
Author: Veronica Green
Genre: NA Fantasy

Book Description (from Wattpad):

It is the beginning of everything and everyone.

From Darkness, Light is born and and so is life: the creatures of the night- vampires, werewolves-, fairies, the humans, animals, and even the Gods and the Earth.

Everybody has their own theories about how they came to be, but not many know the truth. The real truth and the secrets hidden behind it.

In a mission of utmost importance, Celeste is searching for her soul mate. Everyone has one, so why shouldn’t she find hers? The Stars know she has waited enough and her patience has started to run thin. He has yet to make himself known and spending eternity by yourself doesn’t look like the perfect life, so Celeste decided that he has had enough time to sow his wild oats. Now he has to settle down... with her!

After all, you can’t say no to the Darkness...

Click here to read the book.

1 comment:

  1. This sounds like a pretty cool book and I love the cover. I know this is one I would want to try myself. Thanks for sharing it with me :)