Thursday 10 September 2015

Blog Tour Excerpt & Giveaway - Old Amarillo, Amish Journeys Book 1 by Sara Barnard

Old Amarillo, Amish Journeys
Book 1
Sara Barnard

Book Description:
Disillusioned and feeling there is more to life than can be found on her family's Indiana farm, atypical Amish girl Katie Knepp bucks tradition and leaves everything behind, bound for a supposed Mennonite settlement rumored to be somewhere around 
Old Amarillo, Texas. But the trail to Texas is a hard one, laced with disease, would-be-could-be bandits, and a drought so severe that turning back isn't an option. During her epic overland struggle, Katie discovers friendship, even in the ever-present outlaw element, a strength in herself she'd never dreamed she possessed, and those in her past who refuse to become unwilling memories. Katie's story isn't Amish, nor is it western . . . it is uniquely Texan.
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About the Author
Sara Barnard and her family of six make their home deep in the recesses of Native America with a trio of rescue dogs, a trifecta of rescue cats, a flock of Easter Egger chickens, and a "tiny" herd of Dwarf Nigerian pygmy goats.

Some of Sara's works include The Calling (Prairie Rose Publications), The Saga of Indian Em'ly series (Painted Pony Books), Shootout in Old Amarillo (Prairie Rose Publications), The Everlasting Heart series, Rebekah's Quilt, and Desperado (all from 5 Prince Publishing). Sara is a certified elementary teacher and a bona fide coffee aficionado. Follow Sara at or @TheSaraBarnard on Twitter.


“This is my last bounty, you know.” Bob drew a long drink from the steaming tin cup. They had thought it wise to build a small campfire ringed heavily in rocks. Surrounded by nothing to burn, there wasn’t much chance of their meager campfire getting out of hand. Bob set his cup down. Katie refilled it at once with boiling coffee.

Bound, gagged, and still part drunk, Johnny slouched with his back turned, just at the edge of the fire’s glow. 

Peter spoke first. “Last one? Why’s that Bob?”

Bob stared at Katie, a funny little smile on his lips. “What was that Peter?” he asked after a moment, his eyes still fixed on Katie. “Oh right, well, fact of the matter is, I said I’d be done after the Burrow’s boarded the train to justice.” Finally tearing his gaze from her, Bob retrieved the freshly refilled cup from beside the fire. “Many thanks, Miss Katie.”

Katie flushed from the direct attention as Bob drew another steaming sip off the top before continuing. “I was headed for Indian Territory to meet my brothers when I run smack into ole Johnny Tyler there.” Gesturing over to the sad excuse for a man, Bob grinned. “Reckon his bounty will pay me enough to at least get started out in Indian Territory.”

Peter nodded, but something soured in Katie’s stomach. To speak of a man’s life being worth the price of getting started didn’t sit well with her. Even if it is a creepy old goat like Johnny Tyler.

“So I reckon,” Bob said, leaning back with this fingers laced behind his head. “I could see you folks on through to Springfield since I’m headed that way anyway. That is the next big town, you know.” He licked his lips absently. “And since you two can’t seem to steer clear of the outlaw element in this wild country, you could use me around for help.”

Katie hid a smile and adjusted her covering. “We’d be honored, wouldn’t we Peter.”

From the other side of the campfire, Peter grunted.

“So, what made you fellows decide to take shelter in Robber’s Roost?”

Katie cocked her head. “Robber’s Roost?”

“That cave. A notorious hideout for the bandits of the area. Legend says the caves go all the way back to Canadee and down deep in the earth.”

Katie adjusted her seat and stifled a yawn. “You certainly seem to know a lot about it, Mr. Dalton.”

Bob flashed a smile that made her heartbeat quicken. She dropped her gaze from his. “Never know when I might have to take cover in there someday, Miss Katie. Seems there’s a fine line in these wild parts, between the right side and the wrong side of the law.”

Katie puzzled over his words for a moment. Surely right is right and wrong is wrong, even out here?

Bob’s eyelids drooped. “Peter, would you mind sharing watch with me again tonight? I’m happy to share the bounty money from Mr. Tyler with you.”

Raising his steely stare, Peter nodded a curt nod. They’d come a long piece from Robber’s Roost already, but the threat of fire still hung thick in the air. Judging by the burned spots, the fire appeared to have jumped and skipped all over the woods. Katie shivered as she looked at the rest of the drought-thirsty trees and bushes that would feed a roaring fire, should one erupt.

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