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Kindle Book Blitz - Seraphina: The Awakening and Seraphina: Initiation by Sheena Hutchinson

Seraphina: The Awakening
The Seraphina Series
Book One
Sheena Hutchinson 
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Publisher: SL Hutchinson Publishing
Date of Publication: 1/5/14
Number of pages: 224
Word Count: apx 60k
Cover Artist: Andrea Garcia 

Book Description:
For as long as she can remember, Seraphina Cross has experienced these visions that made her feel like there was more to life. It wasn’t until one moment, one accident that her life changed forever. She awakens the next day a new person in more ways than one. With no recollection of past night’s events, she’s forced to adapt to certain sensations she is experiencing all while trying to piece together what exactly happened to her that fateful night.

Her strange, hectic life doesn’t seem to make sense until she meets a handsome stranger. Only then does the puzzle finally piece itself together. What she doesn’t expect is the new powers she has developed attracting all kinds of unwanted attention.

Thrown into a world she never truly believed existed she is forced to come to grips with who she is becoming while staying out of trouble long enough to figure out what needs to be done to fulfill her destiny.

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I was 18 the first time it happened. I wake up the next day and remember everything about the dream I had just experienced. It’s as if I live one life during the day and once I close my eyes on this world, I wake up in another. I’ve gotten used to it over the years; my dreams have actually become something of an escape from my mundane life. During the day I’m a normal, everyday receptionist, but at night I become something else, something important. It’s not always images, either. Sometimes my dreams are blank and I’m just experiencing emotions or sensations. Don’t get me wrong -- it can be scary sometimes. I never know if it will be a good dream or a bad one. The good ones tend to make me feel empowered and strong, while the bad ones will have me waking up in a pool of my own sweat screaming or even shaking in fear.
It’s very odd, but lately I seem to be having the same dream. For the past couple months it is as if it’s on a never-ending loop. I’m walking down the busy streets of New York City. I don’t recall how I get there or what it is I’m doing, except for the fact that I’m apparently looking for something. I’m glancing up at the numbers of the stores on Madison Ave as I’m walking along. People are pushing past me because I’m interrupting their hurried pace. I’m trying to get people to help me, but no one has time to stop and answer my question. So I trudge on, alone and lost in a city that I don’t belong in. I’m so frustrated that I’m on the verge of tears when a heavy set man knocks into me on his way past. I trip and fall to the floor. Kneeling on all fours as people continue to push past me like I’m not even there, I eventually climb to my feet as I begin to feel the tears build up behind my eyes. Wiping the filth of the New York City street off my hands and knees, I look up in awe. Standing further down the street with his back to me is a man that sends a shock through me to my very core. I’m staring at his strong, broad back as the sunset on the horizon behind him lights up all his profile features in such a romantic way.
The red in the sun’s setting rays accentuates his chestnut hair and his strong jaw line is more pronounced. His white clothes seem well defined against the pink hue behind him. When he finally turns in my direction, I’m stunned once again when I see the blue of his eyes. It’s unlike any color I’ve ever seen in nature. His eyes meet mine and I see him study me for a minute before he reaches out his hand to me. Unconsciously, I find myself walking towards him. I’m drawn to this handsome stranger for reasons I can’t explain. All around me the streets of NYC, the people, and their faces are a blur as the handsome, angelic creature before me captures my attention. Once I reach his arms, he too blurs before me as I awaken to my own bedroom. The dream feels so bittersweet. The emotions I feel are indescribable, but once I wake I’m left to my own boring existence again.

Seraphina: Initiation
The Seraphina Series 
Book Two
Sheena Hutchinson 
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Publisher: SL Hutchinson Publishing
Date of Publication: 10/20/14
Number of pages: 203
Word Count: 60k
Cover Artist: Andy Garcia 

Book Description:
Seraphina Cross is unexpectedly thrown into this crazy, spiritual world of Angels versus Demons.

Never did she expect to meet Nate who was just a figment of her imagination until last week. Now she finds herself moving in with him because of her innate responsibility to protect her loved ones from harm.

Finally beginning to feel at home in her new house and with her new relationship. Nate begins training Sera in all that she can do, surprising even himself at times.
Just when she is starting to feel safe and powerful, the Devil finds a new way to attack her at her most vulnerable.

When her dreams are no longer a gift, can Sera control the powers needed to defeat what's coming before Lucifer fulfills his promise to her?

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Something happened. I can feel it, the evil. My senses are overwhelming right now as I dash out of the shop. I don’t care what Sera said; I can’t just let her blow me off like that. I love her. I wish I didn’t, I wish it was someone else. But unfortunately, Sera is all my mind can think about day and night. I’m running down the street in the pouring rain, but I’m determined to figure out what is going on around here. She must care about me! She came to me! I know on some level she has feelings for me, too. Maybe if she can see how much I will go through to protect her, if she can only see what I would do for her, then she will realize she made the wrong choice. I’m getting closer. I can feel it; the evil is all over this place. Well, that’s different – it’s Mr. Green’s Supermarket. I pause before rounding the corner to the entrance, hoping that whatever was here is gone. If having the sight has taught me anything, it is not to be afraid of the unknown. I just hope whatever it is will see me as one of them and cause me no harm. It’s my one hope as I turn around the corner. Correction, it was my one hope. Looking at the sight in front of me, all my hopes and endless dreams have just been washed down the sewer with the rain.
She’s standing there, her arms wrapped around him with her hands on his face kissing him like I’ve always dreamed about. I think I’m in shock because I can’t move. I think maybe I’m a masochist because I continue to stare at them flat out making out like a corny movie right here in the supermarket parking lot. How could she do this to me? Right here? Flaunt her choice right here out in the open for all to see? I feel the anger grow inside of me. This ignites something in me and I feel it spreading its way through my veins and enveloping my entire body. My heart turns cold as stone before I finally turn away and walk back towards my store. She will regret this—she will see she made the wrong choice. I want her to feel like I do right now in this very moment. Yet, there is something inside me that doesn’t want to give up on her. I will still do anything to have her. Anything. I think it’s time to place a call I’ve been avoiding. I think it’s time I have her.

About the Author 
Sheena is a born and raised New Yorker, even her writing can’t hide her hard sarcasm. She claims destiny lead her to writing again. She constantly strives to be a positive role model and write stories that empower and inspire. Sheena always roots for the underdog, believes in love at first sight, and that everyone should have their happily ever after. While God is currently writing her love story she continues to put all her time into her writing as she is constantly getting new inspiration. 

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