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Blog Tour Spotlight - Men Like This by Roxanne Smith

Men Like This
Author: Roxanne Smith
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Romance
Format: Kindle

Book Description:
Can she trust a man who pretends for a living?

Horror author Quinn Buzzly knows all about the dark side, but when she meets actor Jack Decker, she’s moved to explore something completely different—at least on paper. With his sexy good looks, intriguing manner, and charming Irish-tinged English accent, Jack is the perfect model for her next hero. Quinn decides to spend one year in London writing a historical romance inspired by him. Until real life butts in…

Jack’s jealous ex-fiancĂ©e sparks a media storm when she accuses him and Quinn of having an affair. But Jack knows how to play this game. At his insistence, Quinn agrees to go along with the faux romance until the chatter subsides. Then they’ll stage a quiet breakup and go their separate ways. Yet Jack is a shameless—and irresistibly convincing—flirt, and Quinn has to remind herself it’s an act. Or is it? If Jack means business, he’ll have to find the words to convince a wordsmith that their love is the real thing…

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About the Author
Men Like This, is my debut novel, the first story in a series of three I’ve decided to call Long Shot Romance–long odds and stubborn hearts make love a thing to fight for. I’ve always loved characters who surprise me and make me laugh, with just a tad of the dramatic tossed in, and I hope that’s something I’ve been able to do for my readers. So much of what inspires me comes from the unexpected; the fork in the road you might trip over. Life takes funny turns and there’s not much you can do but hang on.

Most of us pick up a pen with the understanding that the odds are against us. It’s a dream. I decided in my early twenties to take writing seriously and try. With trying came falling flat on my face more times than I can count, but there’s always something to be gained from effort, and I took that and ran with it like I was a wide receiver gunning for the end zone at the bottom of the fourth on Superbowl Sunday. Lots of revising, rewriting, and tears between then and now, and a whole stack of friends and family at my back.

I’m a mom and wife before I’m an author, which is just as well. You can’t leave the little people behind once you’ve ascended to greatness. Remember where you came from. My kids are my two favorite people. They’re weird and hilarious. They’re at that age where they’re forming into something unique and apart from everyone else. They’re developing self. It’s probably one of the most rewarding things I’ve experienced as a parent so far, right up there with teaching them bathroom independence. A teen parent twice over, I’ve done just as much growing as they have in the last decade, and I’ve done it with the perfect partner–married 11 years and still arguing over who gets to drive the hypothetical Corvette.

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