Monday 10 November 2014

Book Blast & Giveaway - It Takes a Thief by Jean Louise

It Takes a Thief
by Jean Louise
Genre: Women's Fiction / Action / Heist

Book Description:
When you want to do something good, sometimes you need to be a little bad.

Angelina Carr is a thief. Nick Aston is a corporate security consultant. With her special skills, and his professional experience, they’re uniquely qualified to bring down a small-time criminal. The real challenge arises when that simple task gets them mixed up with a big-time mob boss.

In order to solve the problem for good, Gina and Nick have to find a way to bring down the kingpin. Hopefully without anyone getting hurt....

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Excerpt from It Takes a Thief

“All right, thank you, miss.  Let’s go, boys. We need to check this out, make sure my wheels are safe.”  Coker pocketed his phone and glanced around his desk.

“Thank you, sir,” Gina said as she turned and headed toward the door.

“Oh, young lady, wait, you forgot your paperwork.  Tony, give the lady her files.”

The goon who’d been standing by the window came and picked up the thick folders from the corner of the desk and held them out to Gina.

“Right.  Thank you again.  I hope your car’s okay.”  Gina took the stack and then walked out of the office to the reception area.  As she approached the exit, the door in front of her opened and two men entered the office suite.  One was Thing One from the other day, and the other was another goon.  The latter politely held the door for her and she gave a quick smile in return as she sailed out into the hallway.  She hadn’t taken three steps when from inside Coker’s office a voice bellowed “Find her!”

That’s my cue.

Gina sprinted to the elevator and pressed the call button, even though she knew she didn’t have time to wait for the lift.  Instead she ran down another hallway from the elevator lobby, toward the overhead sign that said “Exit.”  She heard shouting and heavy footsteps somewhere behind her as she entered the east stairwell.

“Game on!” she said.

About the Author
I grew up with stories:  stories told around the campfire each summer while growing up in New York state; stories read to me by older siblings; stories I read while pretending I, too, was old enough to go to school.  And stories I wrote to amuse myself and my family.

Years later, I’m still writing stories.

Since being graduated from college I’ve worked for small business, large corporations, and even the government.  I now live in North Carolina, far from those campfires of my childhood.   Writing is still in my blood, though, because when you have stories to tell, the characters won’t let you rest until you tell them.

Feel free to contact me at, or on the J.Y. Harris page on Facebook.


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  1. New author of the day. I've never heard of her.

  2. Good morning, and thanks so much to CBY Book Club for including It Takes a Thief on your site. I hope everyone is having a good Monday and let me know if you have questions for me.
    Angela, glad you like the excerpt. Mai Tran, I hope you hear more of me in future! :-)

  3. I liked the excerpt and I love the prize!

  4. Sounds interesting :) great excerpt

  5. Book description and it sounds interesting.

  6. I really like good action books and this one looks interesting.

  7. Sounds like a fun read.

  8. Thanks for the nice comments. I forgot to mention in my earlier post that J.Y. Harris and Jean Louise are the same person (ME). I appreciate all the Chosen By You (CBY) readers who stopped by this blog during my tour. Happy reading!

    Jean Louise

  9. Thanks for the nice comments, Luisa, Kali, and Danie. In my earlier post I neglected to point out that J.Y.Harris and Jean Louise are the same person-- ME. lol Anyway, thanks to all the CBY readers who stopped by and checked out my book. I hope you all have a great evening, and happy reading. :-)

  10. Thank you for the chance to win!!!