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Blog Tour Spotlight & Giveaway - Alien Attachments by Sabine Priestley

Alien Attachments
Book One
by Sabine Priestley

Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Publisher: Lyrical Press an imprint of Kensington Books
Date of Publication: Aug 18th, 2014
Word Count: 73K
Cover Artist: Renee Rocco

Book Description:
Finding one’s psi-mate is something every Sandarian hopes for, but when Ian Cavacent accidentally starts the bonding process with the Earthling, Dani, he has to fight his desire with every ounce of his being. If the process is completed, it would be both political and financial suicide for Ian and his family.

A natural klutz, Dani somehow always manages to land on her feet and win those mixed martial arts matches she’s so fond of. At home on Cat Island her balance is thrown when bazillionaire Ian takes notice.

Unfortunately some butt-ugly Torog aliens also take notice sending her life spiraling out of control and into Ian’s arms. But Dani isn’t the type of woman to let some alien voodoo decide her future or her mate…no matter how gorgeous the man is or how much pleasure he gives her.

For centuries the Cavacents have mined Earth for a precious element, carnium, while protecting the planet from other alien species.

Thanks to the Torogs, Dani and Ian must flee to Sandaria. As Dani learns to use her newfound psi powers, the empire crumbles around them.

Will their love be strong enough to keep them alive and get them back to Earth?

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Sabine Priestley Playlist for Alien Attachments #1 

This is kind of interesting really. When I first started writing I couldn’t listen to music. I couldn’t write in silence, either. I needed a decent background din to focus. I ended up spending probably a couple hundred hours in coffee shops and cafes. Something about getting out of the house still gets me in the zone quickly. I’ve got a great writing space at home, but there’s always laundry and cleaning and delivery guys and, well, you get the idea.  It wasn’t until somewhere around the halfway mark of Alien Attachments that I started listening to music.  My husband and daughter both write to music and they couldn’t understand how I managed to write without it. I think I felt a little left out and, frankly, uncool, so I tried it. Holy Mother of Taco Sauce! It was awesome. Now I can’t write without it. Even at my local Starbucks or cafĂ©, I’ve got my ear buds in and in the zone. Anyway, here’s my writing playlist.

Track                                                              Artist
Spotlight                                                         Leagues
There, There                                                    Radiohead
Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)                       Silversun Pickups
If So                                                                Atlas Genius
A Tattered Line of String                               The Postal Service
Four Your Heart                                             Divine Fits
Let It Go                                                         Beck
From Nowhere                                                Dan Croll
The Unknown Soldier (Radio Edit)               Zebra, Tom Hogg, Bagad Karaez
Passenger Fever                                              Zebra, Bagad Karaez
Stars (Hold On)                                              Youngblood Hawke
Timeless                                                          The Airborne Toxic Event
Age of Concent                                              New Order
True Faith – 2011 Total Version                     New Order
As the Rush Comes                                        Motorcycle
One Day Like This                                          Elbow
Chained to Love                                             Devine Fits
Ain’t That the Way                                         Devine Fits
Would That Not Be Nice                                Devine Fits
Edge of the Ocean                                          ivy
Royals                                                             Lorde
Paris                                                                Magic Man
Edge of the Ocean                                          ivy
Like the Moon                                                            Future Islands
Fly                                                                   Phillip Phillps

All I Know                                                      Washed Out

About the Author
Geek. Mother of teens. Wife to her very own alien.

Lover of sun, sand, science, and the stars.

Sabine lives in Florida with her husband, kids, cats and whole mess of characters in her head.

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