Monday 20 January 2014

BOTW - Sicilian Seductions

Sicilian Seductions


Wattpad Book Blurb:

A town, set against the dramatic rocky coastline silhouetted with palm trees and kissed by a sea, above which towers a smoking volcano and rolling green hills... In it, lives a sexy young billionaire, whose reputation is staked in nothing but the indulgence of fine wine and finer women. Swanky and smug Raul sets his sights on a ho hum small - time businesswoman whose only ambition is to succeed in managing her ailing father's wine business. Out of nowhere, he comes like a whirlwind throwing Nadia's well guarded emotions into a ruckus of desires and weaknesses. As the days fly by, Nadia succumbs to Raul's seductions, finding herself falling helplessly in love with the irresistible Sicilian. In a tale created in the heart of a hot and sizzling romance, lurks a danger which seeks to destroy them both...

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