Monday 27 January 2014

BOTW - Perfect II

Perfect II

General Fiction / Coming Of Age

Wattpad Book Blurb:

New York’s Academy For Arts and Sciences bombarded Ethan with its glory and grandeur. Varnished oak walls that seemed like a mansion’s foyer, majestic chandeliers that hanged from the ceiling, auburn lockers that included hangers for clothes and a mini-bookshelf in each… all seemed the pinnacle of all fundamentals. The food always was being voted every week. Glad New Yorker colleges favored coffee and brownies over ice creams. Ethan was glad. It felt like home, especially with the large library. Being elected as Associate Editor-in-chief in tandem with his fellow freshman, Skylar Raleigh, he thought everything flowed nicely.

Facing sex, love, studies, virtues, vices and dreams, Ethan found himself lying with peril and challenges. Ethan’s dream of publishing a textbook filled with ideals of Social Awareness would face danger along with his ever unfaltering personality. Versus Skylar’s impeccable writing skills in competition with his, new love interests and entities from the past, and new goals to commit selves with, Ethan Colchester and Enid Lerwick would write their stories that would be worth writing and reading.

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