Monday 27 January 2014

BOTW - Faith In You

Faith In You

Teen Romance

Wattpad Book Blurb:

A simple desire; a desire to be happy, to be contented in life.

A desire so intricate yet so unpretentious and commonplace that when Maria wished for the exact same thing kneeling down in a church, little did she expect that a complete stranger named Leander would chime in her life to help her wish come true, just because his sister asked him to do so.

However, hemmed in by Leander’s charm and allure, Leander’s life
clenched by promises and vows which have to be kept.

As Maria’s pursuit for happiness and feeling of fulfillment entwines with Leander’s charisma and life full of promises and duties to people, they both realise that being happy is certainly not as easy as it seems.

Can these innocent youths survive that clutches of evil?

Can a pure and naïve heart survive the repercussions of love and passion, and that too without being broken?

An enchanting story of loving, losing, hoping, dreaming, daring and lastly, having faith.

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