Monday, 23 December 2013

BOTW - Trouble


Teen Fiction / Coming of Age / Humour

Wattpad Book Blurb:

Alexandra Carter is a trouble maker with a capital T. She's a straight D student and rides a big bad Harley. She spray painted the school locker twice, vandalized the girl's bathroom once, got into numerous catfights, almost set the girl's bathroom flaming, set the girl's bathroom on fire. And got sent to the principal's office a billion times. When she gets expelled, much to her happiness and gets transferred to a new school, much to her dismay, she has to start over.

Meet Alexander Parker. Handsome. Tall. Arrogant. Black sheep. And did I mention that he is the sole heir to the throne of Gerbaine? So when these two bad asses collide, what do you get? A crazy roller coaster ride with annoying catfights, more rule breaking, sarcastic comebacks, innuendos, prank wars and a whole lot trouble.

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