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Monday, 13 January 2014

BOTW - The Magic Within

The Magic Within

Teen Fantasy

Wattpad Book Blurb:

Hate. That's all she ever knew.  Jewl was too young to remember the time when humans were actually at peace with the dolphins. But what she did remember, however, was that they had killed her mother, enslaved her, turned her into one of them, and taken all her magic away. Now she's left in the world of the humans, disoriented and alone.   Being a dolphin in a castle isn't easy. There are people who want to help, and people who want to harm. Sometimes it's easy to differentiate them, and sometimes it's not. But Jewl manages to adapt, and everything's starting to be alright again. At least, as close to "alright" as it could.  But then things start to go wrong again. A sinister plot arises - one that could mean the end of all that Jewl had known. And she's determined to stop it, no matter what the cost. But the cost is high.

What she had, was taken away. What she thought she had, was turned against her. What she believed in, was shattered.   But those she never expected to help, helped. Those she trusted, were true. Those she thought were gone, came back.   She was playing with dangerous magic. But hers was going to be dangerous right back.

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