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Monday, 22 July 2013

BOTW - He's Not What He Seems


He's Not What He Seem

Teen Fantasy

Book Blurb from Wattpad

Jason is tough bad boy living life on the edge, after all he is a werewolf. Amy is a sweet good girl, who just so happens to be a human. Even though Jason and Amy are soon to be step siblings, when Jason takes one look into Amy's ocean like blue eyes he knows he found his mate. Since Amy is in fact a human she doesn't immediately feel the pull of the mating bond. However, that doesn't stop Jason from wanting Amy more and more each day. His feelings only increase when he meets Amy's possessive boyfriend, Jack. Not only does Jason have to win Amy's heart, he has to get Jack out of the picture without their parents finding out. Is his mate worth the long journey ahead? Will Amy ultimately chose her werewolf step brother or her long term boyfriend?  

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