Monday 31 July 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway - Year of the Fledgling by Linda Kage

Year of the Fledgling
Author: Linda Kage
Publication Date: July 29th, 2023
Genre: YA Fantasy / Romance

Book Description:
Theron, the Eradicator, has one job: to protect the people of Starcast by killing the deadly creatures that attack them. That’s it.

Being an Eradicator comes with a heavy price, however, for he’s strictly prohibited from having any kind of personal contact with the villagers.

But one night, he sneaks into the town’s harvest festival, anyway, and meets the lovely, young healer’s apprentice.

As Theron grows close to her, it becomes harder to tell what’s more dangerous: risking a fatal injury while battling dark ones or risking fatal punishment by beginning a secret dalliance with a forbidden girl.

In either case, doom seems to be the only outcome, and tension mounts as love and danger blur across the reach of this fantastical, seaside landscape.

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Monday 24 July 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway - Saving Piper Moonlight by Joann Keder

Saving Piper Moonlight
(Piney Falls Mysteries, #2)
Author: Joann Keder
Publication Date: July 13th, 2020
Genre: Adult Thriller

Book Description:
Piper has lived her entire childhood on the run. She’s about to uncover the deadly reason why…

In the second book of the Piney Falls Mysteries series, Piper Moonlight is tired of constantly looking over her shoulder, afraid of the remaining Fallen Branch cult members. She decides the best place to land is in Piney Falls, Oregon, where the cult originated. At least everyone there knows her story and she’ll be safe.

When she arrives, she finds employment under the watchful eye of Cosmo Hill, also a former Fallen Branch member, at his bakery. Cosmo doesn’t trust Piper or her story. He enlists the help of his fiancĂ© , marketing wonder and super sleuth Lanie Anders to uncover the truth of Piper’s past.

Lanie and Cosmo soon discover there are still shocking secrets buried within the layers of the former cult. As those secrets come to light, those who keep them will stop at nothing to stay hidden. The ugly truth of Fallen Branch will force Lanie, Cosmo and Piper to make unthinkable choices to save themselves and the life they know in Piney Falls.

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Book Blitz & Giveaway - Lifestyle by Kasey Fallon

(Trust Fall, #1)
Author: Kasey Fallon
Publication Date: July 27th, 2023
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Book Description:
On the outskirts of Philadelphia, the LifeStyle Club caters to individuals with certain… tastes. The only club of its kind, LifeStyle is more than happy to offer possibilities for all.

A born Dominant, owning LifeS with his three best friends suits Grayson perfectly. His new fight arena is just the thing LifeS needs. All he needs is a fighter.

Lexi hasn’t needed anyone since she was twelve. Plagued with PTSD, she runs her own gym, sets her own rules, and lets no one bring her down. But Lexi has a secret. One that threatens to control her… unless she can find a Dom that will.

All she needs is a Dom.

All the stalker sees is her.

Welcome to the LifeStyle.

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Monday 17 July 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway - The Rose of Florence by Angela M. Sims

The Rose of Florence
Author: Angela M. Sims
Publication Date: March 23rd, 2023
Genre: Adult Historical Romance

Book Description:
Prologue (1460):
Gianetta is born in a farmhouse in Fiesole. Her mother dies in childbirth. The unnamed father is distraught but leaves her in the care of her grandmother and returns home.

The Story (1478):
Gianetta grows up and moves to Florence, where she is in service to a wealthy family of textile merchants – the Rosini. They are friends to and supporters of the powerful Medici clan. In the small, tight-knit group of staff, we meet Eleonora (cook), Luigi (Signor Francesco Rosini’s private assistant), Antonio and Lucia and our hero, Matteo. Gianetta and Matteo are in love and have a happy, peaceful life with the kind and generous Rosini family. They enjoy entertaining at Palazzo Rosini, where the Medici and Botticelli are frequent visitors.

Following the suspected poisoning of Lorenzo de’ Medici and near death of Giuliano de’ Medici, both within the Rosini family home, there is suspicion that there is a traitor in the house and speculation as to who it might be.

In Botticelli’s workshop (where Matteo worked previously), there is discussion about unrest in Florence with rumours in the city that Medici days in power are numbered, and there may be trouble at Easter.

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Monday 10 July 2023

Blog Tour Spotlight - Becoming Flawesome by Kristina Mand-Lakhiani

Being described as “10 years worth of therapy in one book,” Becoming Flawesome is a celebration of our whole selves, warts and all, and the glory that is to be found in living in our truth…

Becoming Flawesome
Author: Kristina Mand-Lakhiani
Publisher: Hay House Publishing
Pages: 280
Genre: Nonfiction

Book Description:
Perfection. We all dream of living by it, feeling it, being it…

And it is in the name of perfection that we demonise our flaws, make ourselves ‘less-than,’ and render ourselves vulnerable to the shame of not being good enough.

We live in a society that subliminally encourages us to wear metaphorical masks, slay our inner sadness, and ignore our imperfections, or as Kristina refers to them, her ‘dragons.’ Even within the world of personal development and spirituality, toxic perfectionism lurks in the shadows. 

In Kristina’s upcoming book Becoming Flawesome #BecomingFlawesome, she reflects on her own story, her battle against perfectionism, and what it took for her to return to what she now deems to be her most authentic self. Being described as “10 years worth of therapy in one book,Becoming Flawsome is a celebration of our whole selves, warts and all, and the glory that is to be found in living in our truth. 

Every chapter is closed with reflection points and exercises to encourage the readers to dive deep into the essence of who they truly are, what their values are, and how to navigate an oftentimes overwhelming world. 

In this book, Kristina breaks the mould as she takes the reader on a journey through:

  • The dark, controversial side of ‘personal growth,’ and the insecurities that thrive on it
  • Self-care vs self-love, and why you need both
  • What authenticity actually is, beyond the buzz
  • The ‘Hermione Syndrome,’ and how to diagnose if you’re secretly suffering from it
  • How to create aligned lifestyle habits that stick
  • Why the more you judge others, the more you judge yourself
  • Societal masks, and how to remove them from your psyche 
  • Imposter syndrome in the world of high-flyers 
  • Emotional literacy: how to cope with strong, painful emotions healthily 
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Book Excerpt  

The Key to Living an Imperfectly Authentic Life


Let’s Begin

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a good book has to start with a proper introduction.

And by “proper” I mean that it has to prime the reader for the journey, raise excitement and set expectations, explain the process, and make reading the book an experience both profitable and smooth. After all, we are about to spend some time together on this journey.

Therefore, I was not surprised when on the first meeting with my publisher I was asked if I would consider writing a proper introduction to my book. You see—the original manuscript started with a story of me pondering my future book while standing in the shower, warm water running down my back, and my finger absentmindedly drawing random patterns on the fogged-up glass.

I started this book during the long years of successive COVID confinements, and I was planning to self-publish it because I wanted the freedom to make decisions about the book—how to write, what to write, what stories to include, what kind of experience to offer to my reader. So, naturally, it wasn’t following any universally acknowledged truths or conventions.

Yet, by the time I had to present my book-baby to the world, I felt that I wanted to give it the best possible future, and I had to face the big decision between my heart and my brain: Will it be self-published (heart), or will I work with a traditional publisher (brain)? Going the traditional way meant facing more choices between my quirky and obstinate self-expression and conventional ways of doing things.

This book is about finding your way back to yourself, about understanding who you really are, accepting your dents and scratches, your quirky uniqueness and even your flaws. It is about thriving in being unapologetically you, most flawesomely.

This book has been through the hands of several editors ever since I put the last stop on its original manuscript. This journey has been both emotional and transformative for me. I had to face my biggest dragon by far—my obstinate need for pure self-expression—over and over again.

When do you follow convention, and when do you stick to your own principles and values?

There is no simple answer to this question, except: you have to learn to balance.

If you follow all the rules that your peers expect you to follow, you bet all there is on a slim chance of the grand prize, but you do it at the price of your own unique self-expression. At times, I felt like I had to “sell my soul to the devil” for a chance at success.

But if you obstinately stick to your own unique quirks and principles, you might end up being unheard and misunderstood so universally that there is no point in writing a book. For it is the readers who make a writer. Without the readers, a book is just a private diary.

Reader, will you judge me if I tell you that this book is a delicate balance between convention and my own uniqueness? Of course, I want you to succeed. But I cannot give you the proper introduction to my book because every book is a journey. This book has been my journey, and

now it is yours. I walked my path to my true self, to understanding what makes me truly me . . .

and what of that unique quirkiness is simply noise. You see, your flaws and your dragons are there for a reason—they make you who you are, but they also hold the key to your biggest value, to your mightiest strengths, if you choose to look your dragons in the eye.

Now I am hoping that you will take this journey with me to your unique destination—to finding the path back to you. I will be your companion on this journey, but it is yours to take.

So why wouldn’t I tell you what’s ahead? Imagine if Gandalf told Bilbo Baggins that on his journey, he would encounter trolls, go through a perilous enchanted forest, and face a dragon in a far-away mountain. Wouldn’t that be a bit of a spoiler?

I want you to take this journey back to you without any spoilers, with an open heart, and trust that the destination is going to be worth your effort. Because becoming flawesome is the best gift you can give to yourself.

So, if you are ready, let’s begin!



About the Author

Kristina Mand-Lakhiani is an international speaker, entrepreneur, artist, philanthropist, and mother of 2 kids. As a co-founder of Mindvalley, a leading publisher in the personal growth industry, Kristina dedicated the last 20 years of her career from teachers like Michael Beckwith, Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols, and many more. 

She started her career in a government office in her native Estonia and, by her mid-20s, achieved a level of success mostly known to male politicians at the end of their careers. It was shortly after that Kristina and her then-husband Vishen founded Mindvalley. From a small meditation business operating out of the couple’s apartment in New York, the company quickly grew into a global educational organization offering top training for peak human performance to hundreds of thousands of students all around the world. 

Kristina believes life is too important to be taken seriously and makes sure to bring fun into every one of her roles: as a teacher, mother, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and world traveller. Kristina helps her students to virtually hack happiness by taking them through her unique framework - “Hacking happiness” - a unique framework of balancing your life, taking in every moment, and paying close attention to the small daily choices.  

Kristina is also the author of three transformational quests - "7 Days To Happiness", "Live By Your Own Rules.” and "The Art of Being Flawesome". Kristina talks about personal transformation, authenticity, understanding and accepting oneself, and a path to happiness.

In July 2023, with the help of Hay House Publishing, Kristina releases her very first book - "Becoming Flawesome" #BecomingFlawesome. In her book, Kristina shares her own journey from being on top of a personal growth empire like Mindvalley to stepping aside, conscious uncoupling from her husband, and walking her path towards being more honest with herself.

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Monday 3 July 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway - Wasted On You by Colleen Charles

Wasted On You
Author: Colleen Charles
Publication Date: June 30th, 2023
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Book Description:
I’m not good for her, but I can’t resist her anymore.

Elowyn, the new girl next door, is sweet, kind and radiates joy. My past makes it impossible to feel like that, but just being near her eases something in me that I can’t explain. When I see a strange man outside of her door making her uncomfortable, I have to get involved.

Turns out, her ex is there to make trouble, and if that’s what he wants, I’m more than happy to give it to him. As I wrap my arm around her, I feel a connection that’s undeniable.

As Elowyn leans on me, I realize that the shadows of my past can’t hold me back any longer. She ignites a fire within me that I never knew existed. We’re drawn together, like magnets, unable to resist the pull.

But with her ex still lurking around making threats, she’ll never truly feel safe. I vow to protect her, to be there whenever she needs me. For Elowyn, I’ll face my darkest fears to see her light shine again.


Dive into this sizzling romance where a man with a troubled past finds love and redemption through the love of the woman who’s captured his heart. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles in their way, or will their love story end before it can truly begin? Discover the passion, the danger, and the healing power of love in “Wasted On You” by USA Today Bestselling Author, Colleen Charles.

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Wednesday 28 June 2023

BOOK REVIEW: Kian of Swisgurth by A.J. Adam

Kian of Swisgurth
Series: Epic Journey of an Extraordinary Boy, Vol.1
Author: A.J. Adam
Genre: YA Fantasy Adventure / Sci-Fi
Publication Date: 3rd February 2023

Book Description:

KIAN OF SWISGURTH - An Epic Journey of an Extraordinary Boy!

No matter what the future holds, you can always take solace in your favourite fantasy books! 

Let's meet a remarkable young boy named Kian and find out, through the YA fantasy book’s pages, if he has what it takes to rule his home planet, Swisgurth.

An ancient king and an alien race had a catastrophic conflict 100,000 years ago, and the aliens have since been keeping a close check on Earth to ensure no new king has risen to power. But they had no idea that the king's pregnant wife had teleported herself to Earth, where unborn Kian awaits his time to fulfil the prophecy on his home planet of Swisgurth.

He is far from the average boy.... He is The KIAN OF SWISGURTH!

Kian was no ordinary boy; it was impossible to keep his identity a secret from alien race. When they finally learned the truth, it all went upside down in space. It's safe to say that the alien leaders spared no effort in their quest to destroy Kian. After a long journey, our hero arrived on a new planet. He met interesting people, learned about his past, and discovered the prophecy foretold he would become Emperor of Swisgurth.


A.J. Adam wrote adventure book "Kian of Swisgurth" with an exceptional world in mind to take the reader on an amazing adventure. This YA thriller book will take you to a vivid, fascinating world with a wide range of characters and intricate plots - a reason to stay up past bedtime. The young adult book follows the fantasy tradition; it drops the reader into a richly detailed world and gradually reveals its background, culture and history through the protagonist's growth, epic adventures, and explorations.


  • Characters: Kian - the protagonist, Lizardian starship, Sussi starship's commander, Dahlia and more
  • Written by: "Kian of Swisgurth" is an intense and captivating fantasy book for Young Adults is written by A.J. Adam.
  • Written for: This historical fantasy fiction book, loaded with excitement, enchantment, and anticipation, is written for young adults and the forever young-at-heart.


The YA fan is a complex individual with too many feelings and an insatiable desire for more and more books. Whether the teen in your life has a mountain of books waiting to be read or enjoys reading but has trouble finding something good to read, this fantasy adventure novel makes a terrific gift for the holiday, birthday, or Christmas.

Stay true to your shelf - bookshelf!

This young adult mystery novel has everything: politics, power, defeat, victory, and suspense, and it's worth adding to your TBR pile.

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After her daughter, Aaliyah, and husband, Jake, get in a terrible car crash and end up in a coma and on life support machine, Dahlia finds herself having a recurring dream that keeps pulling her to Antartica. Could there be a cure in Antartica that could help save her family? Desperate for answers and to find a way to keep her family alive, Dahlia recruits a group of trained specialists, including her pregnant sister, Lola, and heads to Antartica for answers. What they find in Antartica, however, is something beyond their wildest imagination. Incased in a 100,000 year old ice is the body of a woman. A pregnant woman. Was Dahlia's trip to Antartica on a whim or was it fate? Dahlia's life takes a drastic change when the woman awakens from her deep slumber. Just what exactly has she stumbled upon?


There was certainly a lot of intrigue about the story that pulled me in from the get-go. It was a very dramatic introduction to Dahlia's world and very unexpected with the car crash incident. I was not expecting this to be the situation, so it was very interesting that there was so much substance in the opening chapters. From the blurb, I had expected Kian's POV throughout the course of the story, so having it begin with Dahlia was an interesting angle, and I understood why, and I actually liked it as we got to get a little insight into Dahlia and Lola as they would eventually play key roles in Kian's life.

I liked the Clark Kent / Kal-El vibe that Kian brought to the story. Kian is clearly different to other humans and showcases his strengths and abilities from a very young age. I liked the relationship dynamics between him, Dahlia and Lola. It's clear they care deeply for him and while knowing how special he is, they still approached him with caution due to his age and not wanting to overwhelm him with the information surrounding his true origins. I liked that they nurtured him when needed and supported and guided him in becoming an independent person. I liked how Kian became more and more aware of his surroundings as he aged and how it affected him mentally in the sense that the older he got the more out of place he felt in his world. Again, I was reminded of Clark Kent as he tried to juggle between trying to be human and realising the advantage and danger he posed to others due to his strengths and difference.

We got to explore Kian's home planet in some aspect, which was nice as throughout the first half of the book, the story centred around one location. We were introduced to a few new characters and got to learn a lot more about Kian's origin and the dilemma he's faced with as the Swisgurthians look to him as the person they've been awaiting to save them from the chokehold of the evil Emperor.


I am very picky when it comes to telling instead of showing as it dampens my imagination. There was a lot of telling as opposed to showing in this book, and I couldn't visualise the world being portrayed for the most part. Even when Kian entered Swisgurth, I couldn't picture the world and didn't get to see how it operated as it was mostly told to us. Visual storytelling was very limited in this book, and it affected the way I connected with the story and the characters. I like to make my own determination on characters, and I felt I wasn't afforded that luxury with this story, which made it hard to connect with the characters on an emotional level, so I ended up not really caring much about what happened to them, which was a shame as I felt there was a lot of potential with these characters as their background was intriguing. It just wasn't explored in much depth to allow me to form a connection with them.

Another issue that affected the development of the story, I feel, was the fact that for the majority of the book, the story was centred around one setting, which sometimes placed a limitation on character and plot development as we only saw Kian interacting with Dahlia and Lola for the most part. I also anticipated that there would be more action. I don't know if it's the book cover that gave me that impression or the blurb, but I thought there would be a lot more adventure and action, so that was a little disappointing.

There wasn't much fluctuation in ambience throughout the book, which made it appear very monotone. While I felt the story took on a different energy once Dahlia and the crew found the frozen pregnant woman, it wasn't long-lasting. It didn't feel as if the story started until more than halfway through the book, and then it just felt rushed the last few chapters that I didn't get to embrace the action and the chaos of what was taking place in Kian's life and the dangers afoot.


This was an interesting story with a lot of potential. However, it needed better execution as I didn't form a connection with the characters as I would have liked to. Still, I did enjoy what I read, so I think it was worth the read.


Source: Author

Monday 19 June 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway - My Fair Thief by Delta James

My Fair Thief
(Relentless Pursuit, #2)
Author: Delta James
Publication Date: June 16th, 2023
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance / Suspense

Book Description:
When the thief he is chasing becomes more than just a job, will the distraction be his undoing or her death sentence?

Claire Mitchell is a master jewel thief, who has a secret. Although the thrill of the heist is exciting there is a reason behind her choice of profession. Family honor above all else. It was the perfect plan… until he interfered.

Ryland Fletcher is the investigator determined to catch her. As he tracks Claire and gets to know her he finds there are more questions than answers. He doesn’t trust the beautiful thief in his bed but it doesn’t stop him from wanting her. The risk is life or death but the rewards are too great to resist.

What begins as a heist of the century turns into a game of cat and mouse. When their game of cat and mouse turns deadly it’s time to bring her in.

This book is the 2nd book in a duet and will be enjoyed more if it is read after book 1.

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Monday 12 June 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway - If I Asked You to Stay by Brianna Remus

If I Asked You to Stay
(Pebble Brook Falls, #1)
Author: Brianna Remus
Publication Date: June 6th, 2023
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Book Description:
For readers of Elsie Silver, Laura Pavlov and Catherine Cowles, fall head over heels for this binge-worthy read of two hearts who have always been destined to come together…even after twelve years of being apart.


We were both orphans.

While Johnny Moore was the product of alcohol and bad decisions, he never let his family define him. And me? Well, let’s just say that my mother’s unwanted pregnancy almost destroyed her family name and leaving me behind was the best decision she ever made.

Johnny and I made a pact all those years ago—never leave. Two simple words that always gave me hope. Something solid to lean on when things got tough.

But I guess promises are meant to be broken. The memory of Johnny walking away on his eighteenth birthday will forever be burned into my heart like a brand.

Ten years of forgetting him. Ten long years of forging my own path and trying to make my dreams come true…without him.

Nothing could have prepared me for the series of events that brought me back to Pebble Brook Falls and face-to-face with Johnny Moore. The very man I wanted nothing more than to forget…forever.

And nothing could have prepared me for the man that was the embodiment of my weaknesses. With his towering height, southern accent, and a smile that made me weak in the knees, I was completely helpless against him.

He had been my first for everything, and I mean everything. And even though I knew he was the only person who could break my heart, the moment I laid my eyes on him after ten years, I knew I wanted him to be my last—my forever.

The only question was, would he even want me to stay?

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Friday 9 June 2023

Blog Tour Spotlight - All That Glitters by Mike Martin

A light mystery set in Grand Bank on the easternmost tip of Canada featuring food, friends, fun and a few dead bodies…

All That Glitters
Author: Mike Martin
Publisher: Ottawa Press and Publishing
Pages: 140
Genre: YA Fantasy

Book Description:
Sergeant Winston Windflower is moving on to a new chapter of his life, no longer an RCMP officer but now a Community Safety Officer in his home of Grand Bank, Newfoundland.

But when a body is found in the bed and breakfast he co-owns, diamonds are found in the body’s digestive system, and then Windflower’s friend Dr. Sanjay, who was given the diamonds for safekeeping, is kidnapped, it’s clear that crime has returned once more to Grand Bank.

Windflower finds himself back in the thick of it, helping his newly promoted friend, RCMP Corporal Eddie Tizzard, track down a ruthless diamond smuggler who will stop at nothing — kidnapping, even murder — to pull off his dirty business.

This is another finely spun Windflower mystery that contrasts suspense and tension with the joys of friendship, family, and gratitude.

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