Monday 24 July 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway - Lifestyle by Kasey Fallon

(Trust Fall, #1)
Author: Kasey Fallon
Publication Date: July 27th, 2023
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Book Description:
On the outskirts of Philadelphia, the LifeStyle Club caters to individuals with certain… tastes. The only club of its kind, LifeStyle is more than happy to offer possibilities for all.

A born Dominant, owning LifeS with his three best friends suits Grayson perfectly. His new fight arena is just the thing LifeS needs. All he needs is a fighter.

Lexi hasn’t needed anyone since she was twelve. Plagued with PTSD, she runs her own gym, sets her own rules, and lets no one bring her down. But Lexi has a secret. One that threatens to control her… unless she can find a Dom that will.

All she needs is a Dom.

All the stalker sees is her.

Welcome to the LifeStyle.

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He wasn’t sure what to expect from Lexi’s hangover, but he hadn’t expected waking up to an empty bed.

After adding a t-shirt to his lounge pants, he shuffled into the kitchen. No Lexi, but the coffeemaker had been turned on, and one mug had appeared in his dish rack.

If it weren’t for her little duffel bag on the floor of his bedroom he would have thought she’d left. He was reaching for a mug when the note caught his attention. A paper towel had been laid flat, and the word run was looped in some kind of blue goop.

Hair gel was his first thought, but as he picked it up he caught the scent. It was written in his dish soap. With a chuckle he pitched into the trash can.

Since he wasn’t sure when she would be back and didn’t want to leave the apartment open, he settled for a quick workout in his living room. The scent of sausage was heavy through the kitchen by the time she came in, panting.

Lexi didn’t say a word to him but passed him to stand at the sink. She turned the cold water on full and stuck her wrists under the spray. Grayson frowned.

“How far did you go? You’re fighting tonight, today is supposed to be a rest day for you.”

With her face flushed, she looked over her shoulder at him. It completed the look for him; flushed face, sports bra, and bike shorts that left little to the imagination, bent over in front of him. His mind immediately took a detour into being behind her in a different way. With her hair loose-

“I only went like two miles, most of it walking, that was why I took so long. Quick sprint at the end.”

She turned off the tap and dried her hands on a dish towel. He brought his imagination to heel and focused on the fact that she seemed comfortable in his place. He hadn’t been sure it was the right move, bringing her back here drunk; they hadn’t talked about it.

He shifted the sausage in the pan as the sizzling brought his attention back to the stove.

“So it’s okay that I brought you back here?” he asked.

“Yeah, it’s fine. I mean I’m yours now, right?”

Laughing dark eyes looked up at his, and though she spoke lightly, the statement hit him hard. Then she was talking again before he had time to think of a response.

“And it’s definitely okay if I’m getting breakfast,” she said with a smile.

“Good,” he said gruffly. “How do you like your eggs?”

He had to force the words through the sudden tightness in his chest. She was his. But was she really?

“I can make them,” she offered, and he shook his head.

“Go stretch while you’re still warmed up.”

“I don’t mind-”

Lexi stopped mid-sentence when he turned and pinned her with a stare. She snapped her mouth closed with an audible snap, and stomped past him towards the living room.

He smirked as he heard the music from her phone blast down the hall.

Good girl.

About the Author
I have always been - and likely always will be - a writer.

I have led a very long life in a less-than-imagined amount of years.

From childhood abuse to earning my blackbelt; from living in my car to living at the Four Seasons; from having 4 jobs at once to being unemployed with two college degrees; to losing my loved ones and winning my life.​

One of Life's greatest joys for me is my dog (or any dog really). My beast's name is Asher and he's a gorgeous 100lb lap dog.

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