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BOOK REVIEW: A Dragon's Dyne (The Talisman Series Vol 6) by Brett Salter

A Dragon's Dyne
Series: The Talisman, Book 6
Author: Brett Salter
Genre: YA Fantasy / Adventure
Publication Date: 22 July 2023

Book Description:
Things have gone from weird to blatantly absurd in Rome and Julian’s quest to preserve the boundary between the Earth realm and The Void. With Darkbrand numbers growing at a terrifying rate, the escape of Beliarahm, the fiercest Nocturn yet, and the struggle to make ANY headway with the Elementals and all their tomfoolery, The Alliance has hit a veritable wall. Even with the promise of the light Talisman to oppose the forces of darkness, there’s just no telling how or where to find it. All the other Talismans are collected, but that doesn’t necessarily give our heroes any comfort, because to this point, these magical items seem to have served more as crosshairs than protection. Maybe they need something more than the Talismans. But what could that be?

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In A Dragon's Dyne (The Talisman Series, Vol. 6) by Brett Salter, Rome Lockheed, Julian, and their allies face escalating challenges in their quest to protect the boundary between the Earth realm and The Void. The Alliance battles the growing Darkbrand forces while searching for the elusive light Talisman crucial to defeating The Tyrant King. Amidst alliances, familial revelations, and daunting confrontations, the characters must confront their lineage and overcome personal sacrifices to safeguard their world from impending doom.


Salter masterfully deepens the relationships among the characters, showcasing significant growth in their bonds. The sibling banter between Julian and Camela brings a delightful dynamic to the narrative, underscoring their evolving relationship. Moreover, the development of Rome and Krysta's bond adds emotional depth to the story, anchoring it amidst the chaos of their quest. The portrayal of familial connections and revelations injects intriguing layers into the characters' histories, offering compelling explanations for unfolding events.

Additionally, the narrative successfully navigates themes of sacrifice, teamwork, and resilience. The characters face formidable challenges, and their collective strength as a team shines through amidst trials and heart-wrenching losses. Salter expertly weaves these elements into the plot, creating a gripping and emotionally resonant storyline.

While immersed in the captivating narrative of A Dragon's Dyne, I found myself longing for heightened suspense in certain pivotal moments. Anticipated revelations and impactful scenes, while emotionally fulfilling, lacked the element of surprise I yearned for in a story of this magnitude. However, it's important to note that even in their predictability, these scenes retained a profound emotional resonance. The author skillfully navigated these anticipated plot points, infusing them with a depth of emotion that lent a satisfying, albeit expected, closure to certain character arcs and narrative threads. While the narrative could have benefitted from a touch more unpredictability to enhance the thrill, the emotionally charged resolutions ensured a deeply gratifying experience for readers invested in the characters' journeys.

A Dragon's Dyne stands as a thrilling instalment in The Talisman Series. Brett Salter's adept storytelling, coupled with the rich development of character dynamics and a plot filled with trials and revelations, creates a captivating narrative. While this chapter could serve as a fitting conclusion, the tantalising hints in the ending suggest that more adventures may await these characters. Salter masterfully balances resolution with the promise of future escapades, leaving readers both satisfied and eager for what could be the next chapter in this mesmerising saga.


Rating: 5 Stars
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