Sunday 18 December 2022

BOOK REVIEW: Love Forever by Maharaja Jadeja

Love Forever
Author: Mahiraj Jadeja
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Poetry
Publication Date: 6th May 2016

Book Description:
“Lover Forever” is Poet Mahiraj Jadeja’s second collection of romance contemporary poems after beautiful reception of his first collection “A Lover’s Will”. The work covers all aspects of Love and Emotions, their highs and lows and pain and pleasure. This collection leaves its readers with a relatively intense emotional yet naive foray into love, and does it in a manner which is both pure and intense. The poems aren’t merely romantic words put together but have a deeper meaning to it. Poems are literally painting pictures of different scenarios depicting Love will always remain Forever.

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A collection of short poems about love expressed through a range of emotions, both subtle and intense.


This was an interesting collection of poems with relatable scenarios. I liked the references to nature and the way the author incorporated nature in his expression of love and romance, pain and suffering. It made it easier to visualise the scenarios depicted. A few poems did stay with me and left an impression, particularly Innocent Lover, Shower of Tears and Love Forever.

The grammatical errors were distracting and intrusive, which caused me to disconnect from time to time, which I found disappointing as I enjoyed the creativity and imagination of the author in his raw and genuine portrayal of love. Nonetheless, this was still an enjoyable read.


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