Monday 26 September 2022

BOOK REVIEW - A Lovely Paradox by Mahiraj Jadeja

A Lovely Paradox
Author: Mahiraj Jadeja
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Erotica / Adventure / Novella
Publication Date: 19th January 2017

Book Description:
When Raj, a common Indian man whose background was traditional and religious falls in love with Bella living in USA through Facebook., being innocent and crazy in love, he went for an american job visa against his parents wishes selling his ancestral land to meet her love and propose her for marriage but there was to lot to prove that whether his love for her was real or was it just plain lust?

This is a quick read novella and would be suitable for readers who enjoy whirlwind romances that are unpredictable. Erotic, highly emotional and sensitive, A Lovely Paradox is a novella which will surprise you, and will make you deeply move with a twist that no one expected in the end!

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Raj sells his ancestral home in Mumbai, India, and heads to Los Angeles, USA, in the name of love. After meeting Bella online via Facebook, Raj fell in love, and, convinced that he and Bella are destined to be together, against the wishes of his parents, he packs up and heads off for an adventure of a lifetime. Bella, unaware of Raj's intention to confess his love, believes his trip is for the purpose of employment. Will the challenges of the different culture and lifestyle prove too much to overcome or will Raj's determination to prove he made the right choice by moving to LA to be with Bella beat the odds?


This was a good story of how love can overcome adversities. I liked the "Lesson Learnt" segments at the end of each chapter of the character reflecting on what he's learnt from his engagement and interaction with other characters. With no family support and being in a different environment, Raj finds himself in vulnerable situations, engaging in activities against his better judgement and all his repressed desires surface with distressing results. When his personal and professional life start to fall apart, Raj has to decide between conforming to his parents wishes or following his heart.

Raj is a likeable character with many flaws. He makes a lot of mistakes, but he also learns from his mistakes and is remorseful for his actions. Even though it was a short read, I felt there was a lot of character development, and we get to see a transition of Raj from a naive person who is very trustworthy of strangers and believes he knows what's best to a person who realises that maybe he doesn't know quite as much about love and relationships as he first thought.

While the story was enjoyable, it needs a lot of editing. The biggest problem was the errors, which was very distracting at times. With some good editing, this would be a better and more enjoyable read.


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