Monday 8 August 2022

BOOK REVIEW: The Parting Mirror by C.C. Crimefighter

The Parting Mirror
Author: C.C. Crimefighter
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Publication Date: 7th December 2021

Book Description:
Would you ever take a dare,
to face the mirror without a care,
and with a bold determined stare,
wonder if you're really there?

To fix your gaze upon the twin,
reflecting back with equal grin,
and in a stance, straight as a tree,
speak both in perfect harmony...

Could it be the one I see,
Is not the me I think to be?

In this thoughtfully composed story, written by acclaimed writer, C.C. Crimefighter, a young girl stares into a mirror, and with her attention fixed upon her reflection, wonders how much of what she sees is actually her.

Allowing this new conviction to guide her, she begins to identify each of her 5 senses, and in a playful array of imaginative expressions, explores whether these are merely functions of the body or aspects of her “true self.”

Should these physical qualities fade away, would she be a different self, or would the ‘inner self” express its nature in new and exciting ways?

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This is definitely a picture book that should be read with adult assistance for the mere fact that it's for an advanced level (9+ perhaps) and there will be a lot of questions asked, which I think is the fun part, being able to explore the meanings behind each segment. It's definitely a conversation starter that poses some very thought-provoking concepts and questions that makes you look deeper at yourself.


It's very colourful and loved the illustrations. Quite a magical display from start to finish. I wouldn't say I was thoroughly excited throughout, however, I did enjoy the read and the creative and clever vocabulary.


Source: Own copy

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