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Book Blitz & Giveaway - Four Weddings and a Billionaire by Tina Gabor

Four Weddings and a Billionaire
Author: Tina Gabor
Publication Date: June 8th, 2022
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Book Description:
He cannot be serious! God’s gift to bridesmaids is trying to let me down gently. Listen up Bradley Bronson. This fix up is a scheme put together by your brothers and my besties. Not me!

I’m trying to put together a fresh start for myself. The last thing I want is to get into a relationship.

The problem is we keep running into each other at engagement parties, weddings, and even around town.

So we become friends, and everything is perfect until one lust-filled night.

Now, the foundation I’ve laid for my new life has morphed into a minefield of questions.

Do I pretend it didn’t happen? Does Bradley think our night together was a mistake, too? And most importantly, how do I stop thinking about him naked?

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As I bent down to make sure the bottom of the dress was wrinkle free, my shape wear shifted around my stomach.

I gave it a quick tug as we headed out of the bridal suite. As I followed the group to the elevator, I could feel the telltale movement of my figure-enhancing undergarment curling in on itself.

Damn. Mackie was right. I should have worn the bodysuit style Spanx, but the idea of having to climb out of that thing every time I wanted to pee made me feel claustrophobic. Instead, I’d opted for the high-topped underwear style that stopped under my clear-strapped bra with a biker-shorts style bottom half that held in my pooch and upper thighs.

But it seemed like my support underwear was looking at that high slit as the getaway route. I shoved my hands into the pockets of my dress and tried to discretely yank them back into place with no one seeing, but they kept sliding down.

I figured I’d hike up my dress and give everything an unladylike tug in the elevator. The doors dinged open. A pack of five adolescent boys in the elevator stepped aside to let us in,

I debated taking a different carriage, but we’d met the only polite group of teenage boys, who held the door open for us.

“Going down, ma’am?” the red-headed one said, holding the door.

“Yes, thanks. We’re going to the ground floor,” Lauren said as she hurried into the elevator. There was plenty of room for us all to fit, but no room for me to hide.

When we reached the ground floor, I lingered behind, hoping to get a quick moment, but as our group stepped out, another tide of teens flooded in. Damn.

How the hell were all the teenagers staying at this hotel? I’d never stayed in a hotel this nice in my entire life, and they just traipse around here like it was a Motel Six across the street from an amusement park.

“Where’s Carolyn?” I heard Mackie ask. I’d fallen half a lobby behind.

“Coming,” I said, as I swam upstream against the flood of teenage testosterone trying to exit the elevator.

They paused and waited for me in the center of the lobby. I rushed to catch up. Pushing through the crowd shifted my errant underwear even more. The top folded in on itself, and the bottom shimmied down my leg another inch.

Everyone oohed and awed at Lauren. She was a beautiful bride, even in a town filled with beautiful people. But I couldn’t focus on that. The fight to tame my out-of-control control-top underwear consumed me.

I slipped my hands in my dress pockets and held onto my granny panties for dear life as we crossed the lobby to get to the Main ballroom. My walked morphed into a waddle the last few feet. The crotch of my undergarment threatened to make a break for my knees.

Our groomsmen, minus Bradley, were waiting at the entrance. Damn. No way could I do the underwear hike in front of Lauren’s new in-laws.

Mr. Bronson, Aiden’s dad, was there to walk Lauren down the aisle at the end. “Lauren, you look absolutely stunning,” he said as he gazed down at her. The broadness of his smile and the teariness in his eyes gave me a lump in my throat. I wished I had a dad that looked at me like that.

Mr. Bronson then turned to the rest of us. “You are all so beautiful.” My heart melted for a moment.

Everyone paired off with our counterparts except me—still no Bradley.

Damien, Mackie’s boyfriend, and Aiden’s younger brother, answered his phone and spoke. “Yup, the Main ballroom. On the East side of the lobby.”

He hung up and made another quick call. The music started. Damien looked over at me. “He’s coming now. Literally thirty seconds away.”

We would march down the aisle at any moment. I looked around and spotted a large potted plant in a corner near the wall. Everyone’s attention was fixated on the ballroom. This was my last chance. I ducked behind the plant, turned my back, hiked up my dress, and made unladylike adjustments to my shape wear.

I looked up as I continued to adjust.

A stunningly handsome man in a tuxedo was five inches from my face, holding his jacket up like he was a bullfighter or something. I stifled a scream, but a high-pitched squeak escaped from my throat before I could flip my skirt down.

About the Author
Are you like me?

Do you enjoy funny, contemporary romances with spicy love scenes?

Because if you do ...

You've landed in the perfect place.

I'm Tina Gabor, and it’s so much fun getting to write the books I love reading. Gorgeous men and fierce, feisty, and funny women are my jam.

And since there’s nothing like a love story with a dash of sun and fun ...

I set most of my in Southern California and Florida. I grew up in South Florida, and now I live in Southern California with my fiancee and a stray cat we named Fred.

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