Sunday 20 March 2022

BOOK REVIEW: Adventures with Scarlet and Twinkle by Janice Ford

Adventures with Scarlet and Twinkle: 5 Happy Short Stories for kids About Scarlet, the Little Girl with a Big Imagination
Author: Janice Ford
Genre: Chapter Book
Publication Date: 15th February 2022

Book Description:
Scarlet was three years old when her parents gave her Twinkle, a pink, dazzling elephant.

She knew they were going to be best friends the minute she held her in her arms.

As young as Scarlet is, she has such a beautiful, wide imagination, which she often let’s run free.

She is also the adventurous kind. There are lots of fun moments of her and her best friend, Twinkle.

They have so much fun going in the treehouse, going to the park together, and everywhere!

Scarlet takes Twinkle with her everywhere she goes.

The two make an incredible, adorable pair, and Scarlet believes she can get through anything with Twinkle by her side. But just like everyone else, Scarlet has some sad days. Enjoy this amazing story of Scarlet and Twinkle, and read about their different adventures!

Take a peak into the life of a three year old and her stuffed doll—learn a lesson or two!

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Another fun set of short stories from author Janice Ford that will teach children a handful of helpful life lessons about sharing, friendship, being responsible and making good choices. On this journey, we are introduced to Scarlet and her pink toy elephant, Twinkle, as they venture outside their home to visit the nearby park, climb their treehouse and enjoy many more adventures.

Scarlet is a clever and imaginative child with a curiosity for life. I liked that she sought out her parents for assistance whenever she got stuck on a task. While her parents allowed her to have a semblance of independence, she understood their role and knew when to ask them for help. Although Scarlet is a mature six year old, I was a little concerned by the fact that her parents let her go to the park alone, albeit it was close to their house, stating that she should return home before it got dark. As I said, she's a wise child, but she is still just six years old. It just didn't bode well with me. Apart from that, I liked how the stories unfolded. There were some valuable lessons to be learned.


Scarlet is a very caring and bubbly child, and I loved her little adventures with Twinkle. A very enjoyable read. The book reads as though it is for preschoolers, but given that it's a chapter book with a sufficient amount of text and not many pictures, I would say it would garner attention from kids aged between 5-7 years old.


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