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BOOK REVIEW: Eli and the Mystery of the Hallowshine Dragon by Eve Cabanel

Eli and the Mystery of the Hallowshine Dragon
Author: Eve Cabinet
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Publisher: Twenty Two House Publishing
Publication Date: 23rd October 2021

Book Description:
A moon elf’s journey to undo a dragon’s curse illuminates the power of friendship.

Two courageous friends adventure through lands of unicorns, fairies, and magical rainbows to confront a terrifying beast with a surprising wish.

In a beautiful enchanted forest lives a moon elf named Eli and her friend Luna. When Luna’s baby bunny is turned into hard rock candy by magical sugar crystals, the friends begin a journey to do the impossible to reverse the curse: confront the terrifying and legendary Hallowshine dragon for a drop of its healing saliva. 

In their journey to find the dragon, Eli and Luna meet magical creatures and travel through various dreamy lands including the Abyss of Time, a marvelous unicorn’s kingdom, a whimsical fairy’s home, and a waterfall with enchanted golden shoes.

The friends race against time to find the mysterious dragon and a magical lesson is learned about how love, friendship, and acceptance can heal all if you have courage and believe in yourself.

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Eli and her best friend, Luna, spend their days exploring the enchanted forest, but something terrible is happening that has the creatures of the forest running scared. These strange crystals are turning anyone who touches them into hard rock candy. When tragedy strikes Luna's baby bunny, Eli and Luna must face their fears and venture into the dangerous forest to seek a cure before Luna's baby bunny is lost to them forever.

This was a beautiful tale of friendship and courage. What wonderful illustrations. So bright and colourful. It will definitely draw the attention of curious young minds. Despite how much I love the book, I had to deduct a star due to the grammatical errors that cropped up in places. Apart from that, this was a wonderful journey that I thoroughly enjoyed.


Rating: 4
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