Saturday 31 July 2021

BOOK REVIEW: Song of Echoes by R.E. Palmer

Song of Echoes
Author: R.E. Palmer
Genre: Fantasy / Adventure
Publication Date: 12 July 2021

Book Description:
All that has gone before is woven into the Song; joy, sorrow; kind acts and cruel acts; creation and destruction. Past, present, and what has yet to come, make themselves known — if you know how to listen.

For three hundred years, the people of the Five Realms have lived in relative peace, protected by their great leader, the Archon. Yet, far to the north, in the frozen lands beyond the Draegalen Trench, the Ruuk stir, driven by a rising evil, long believed banished from the world. But rumors questioning the Archon’s ability to defend the realms once more, persist.

Elodi, the Lady Harlyn, uneasy in her new role following the death of her father, and Toryn, a farmworker and outsider in his village, must discover a way to fight an enemy that all but defeated their ancestors.

Song of Echoes is the first book in this epic fantasy series.

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This novel certainly had the Middle-Earth, Lord of the Rings tone flowing throughout. Certainly an epic high fantasy with well-developed characters and an engaging story. Dark forces that had defeated previous civilisations are once again stirring, causing a major upheaval for the people of the Five Realms. In order to have a fighting chance at defeating their enemy, Elodi must find her footing and believe in herself in order to become the leader she was born to be and Toryn has to discover who he truly is in order to harness the power that lies within.

I have to say, I love the cover. It was very eye-catching and it did the job of piquing my interest. As much as I thought the characters were engaging and full of life, I found I was more excited about the plot and discovering how it was all going to unfold. The suspense and mystery kept me reading. Not everything is what it appears to be, and with a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the characters and their background, there's a lot left to be unveiled. Impressive world-building. The author certainly did a good job in bringing the story to life and making you feel as though you were involved in the adventure. There were moments I thought lost momentum and where I found my interest waning slightly, but the pace would always pick up again, so the urge to skip certain scenes didn't last long. There's a lot more to explore in this series about its main characters, the leader of the Five Realms and the threat they're up against, so I anticipate more adventure ahead, one of a wilder and darker nature perhaps.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story. Our two leading protagonists, Toryn and Elodi, were very engaging and they both carried their stories well. Fans of high fantasy would thoroughly enjoy this one.


Rating: 4 Star
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