Sunday 16 May 2021

BOOK REVIEW: The Above-Average Adventures of Nicholas Herriman by Ken Sheldon

The Above-Average Adventures of Nicholas Herriman
Author: Ken Sheldon
Genre: MG / YA Fantasy / Action / Adventure / Humour
Publication Date: 9 October 2016

Book Description:
Nicholas Herriman is failing geography. He's a washout in gym class and the worst member of the chess team. In fact, he stands a good chance of being voted the Most Average Kid to Ever Attend Peabody School, until he stumbles on a trunk full of clothes that give him super powers. Unfortunately, most of the clothes are broken or came without instructions. Where did the trunk come from? Can Nick unravel its secrets without killing himself or getting creamed by his arch-enemy Harley Davison first? And who is the mysterious stranger following Nick around?

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Nicholas Herriman doesn't have much luck when it comes to being great at anything. Even his best friend, Tony, is the funniest guy in school. For once, Nick would like to be the best at something instead of being just an average kid. Nick's hunger for greatnest comes in the form of a trunk he finds while visiting a Swap Shop one Thursday afternoon. What he finds inside the trunk changes his ordinary life into one with pure action, adventure and mystery. Nick discovers the contents of the trunk hold magical qualities and just might be what he needs to make him go from Most Average to Most Awesome kid to ever have graced Peabody School.

I knew right from the opening chapter that this book was going to be a fun ride. The author introduced us to a plethora of interesting characters with different personalities. Nick was a likeable protagonist who gets himself into quite the pickle with the objects he knew nothing about. For the fact that Nick had no idea about the power each object possessed, it was fun to discover his super powers at the same time he did. The author did well in making you feel what Nick is feeling: excitement, fear, sorrow, confusion etc. As a reader, you're able to get lost in the mind of a twelve-year-old kid who has to learn the difference between his wants and his needs and has to decide whether he will use his new-found abilities to help himself or to help others.

Although I liked the other characters, especially Tony, I found their characterisation lacking somewhat in depth. It also took a little long for the villain to be established and when it was finally revealed, the story suddenly felt somewhat rushed.

Overall, this was a funny and clever story. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I recommend it to all children, particularly middle-schoolers.


Rating: 4 Star
Source: Author

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