Sunday 28 June 2020

BOOK REVIEW: I'm Possible (I Can Book 2) by Anitha Rathod

I'm Possible
Author: Anitha Rathod
Series: I Can
Genre: Picture Book
Publication Date: 3 June 2020

Book Description:
Julia loves to play with the letters. The letters teach her new words that keep her hooked to the world of books. She enjoys playing scrabble and cross words. The letters make words and the words make sentences and these sentences make the wonderful books. Julia collects news words and hangs them up on her wall and learns their meanings. The joyful letters are happy to jump around on her wall. One day, Julia comes across a word that acts strangely on the wall. They refuse to stay together as a word and want to stay apart unless Julia promises to change their meaning. Learn how Julia discovers the new meaning for the word, 'IMPOSSIBLE.'

In the last book, "The silent T," Julia learns that the letter T is silent when one says, 'I can't' and now in this book she discovers the new meaning to the word, 'Impossible.' A captivating book that teaches young kids that nothing is impossible if one has the determination and the will to follow their dreams. A book that inspires never give up attitude.

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Julia loves to learn, especially when it comes to learning new words. She comes across a dilemmma one day as the new word she is learning decides it wants to change its meaning. Julie comes to learn that there could be more than one meaning to a word and you can turn something negative into something postive as long as you are determined to never give up and willing to try new things. There's a great lesson here for young minds that I think was very well delivered. Julia's will and determination came across well and not forced, which I think is very important when it comes to garnering a child's full attention for them to truly capture the essence and theme of the book.

I loved the illustrations and the playful imagination throughout the book (Julia riding a letter, for instance). This was a very engaging read indeed.


Award: Gold
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Source: BookSirens

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