Sunday 10 May 2020

BOOK REVIEW: Ara the Star Engineer by Kamal Singh

Ara the Star Engineer
Author: Kamal Singh
Genre: Picture Book
Publication Date: 14 October 2018
Publisher: Page Two Books

Book Description:
This is a STEM book and more! An inspiring, inclusive, whimsical way to learn about computers and technology from real-life trailblazers.

Ara is a young girl who loves BIG numbers. She wants to count all the stars in the sky… but how? This is an upbeat adventure of Ara and her sidekick droid, DeeDee (“Beep!”). They use smarts and grit to solve a BIG problem and discover an amazing algorithm! A quest that takes them through a whirlwind of intriguing locations at Innovation Plex -- Data Centre, Ideas Lab, Coding Pods, and X-Space. Along the way, they encounter real-life women tech trailblazers of diverse backgrounds, including a Tenacious Troubleshooter, an Intrepid Innovator, a Code Commander, and a Prolific Problem Solver. They tinker-and-tailor, build-and-fail, launch-and-iterate, and in the end discover an amazing algorithm of success -- coding, courage, creativity, and collaboration (“Beeeeep!”).

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A brave and budding young engineer ventures out to find with her droid, DeeDee, to find the answer for how to count all the stars in the universe. They head to Innovation Plex where Ara finds all the answers to set her on the path to victory.

While this wasn't the most entertaining and adrenaline-pumping read, it was most certainly an informative and fascinating adventure that those interested in engineering will devour with joy. I think the message may get lost with some kids as they try to wade through the techy aspect of the story, but this was a cute story on learning how to problem solve. Ara is a great role model for youths as she is full of determination, confidence and a will to succeed.


Award: Gold
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Source: Own copy

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