Monday 23 September 2019

BOOK REVIEW: Lilly Camara Gets in a Pickle by Linda Estela

Lilly Camara Gets in a Pickle
Lilly Camara, Book 2
Author: Linda Estela
Publication Date: February 23rd, 2018
Genre: MG Coming of Age

Book Description:
In Book 2 of the Lilly Camara series, the awkward boy-girl drama continues when Lilly's best friend Cole is strangely pursued by the most popular and snobby girl in their class. Certain this flirty heart-breaker is out to cause Cole and the Cubs to throw away their season, Lilly is determined to blow the whistle on her. In Lilly Camara Gets in a Pickle, our star catcher finds herself in the middle of more than one case of foul play. Lilly is worried that the high school coach will prevent her from playing baseball next year. Unfortunately, Lilly holds a secret, which if revealed, could strike out her baseball career for good. Once again, Lilly and friends find that together they can get through the challenges of growing up, and become champions in the game of life.

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And the game continues.

Justin's broken leg means he's out for the little league season, and it's up to the team to find a replacement to fill his spot. To make matters worse, Cole's mind isn't in the game, what with Becka Langley, the school's resident hot girl, suddenly showing an interest in him, which becomes a clear distraction. Cole's lack of focus leaves the team in a more vulnerable position, which isn't a good look for last season's champs. When Lily learns that Becca's intentions with Cole isn't genuine, she's left in a compromising position. Does she tell Cole and hurt his feelings and hope it won't further affect his game or spare his feelings and risk them losing out on the game? Either way, her decision isn't easy. On top of all this, Lilly is worried whether or not she'll be able to play high school baseball as Coach Cahill and his old-fashioned outlook may hinder her chances of playing baseball with the boys.

I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed Lilly's first adventure. You can see the characters are maturing and are having to face the challenges that comes with growing up. I appreciate the author's focus on the characters' friendship and not on trying to force a romantic relationship between them. If any romantic feelings were to develop over the course of the series, I imagine it would seem a lot more genuine than if it were to be introduced to us now. The baseball matches are my favourite scenes, but even more so, I really enjoy the friendship between these characters. It feels authentic, and they are very engaging characters.

It was a thoroughly good read, and if the series continues, I look forward to delving back into Lilly's world.


Award: Platinum
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Source: Own copy

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