Thursday 30 May 2019

BOOK REVIEW: I Spy the Boy Next Door by Samantha Armstrong

I Spy the Boy Next Door
Author: Samantha Armstrong
Publication Date: May 25th, 2019
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance

Book Description:
Four p.m. spy sessions are the highlight of Mallory Taylor’s day. Observing the boy next door—one with a body and an attitude to match—has her perched beside her window so often it can't be healthy.

When she finally convinces her mom to let her go to public school, Mallory comes face to face with her neighbor, Troy Parker. And he makes it clear he wants nothing to do with her. His rejection awakens a newfound tenacity and maybe even a touch of recklessness. But when Troy starts to show up when she needs him the most, Mallory can’t help but wonder if there’s more to him than he’s let on.

Taking chances, breaking rules, and following her heart is all new to Mallory. And no one warned her just how fickle hearts can be. When she discovers that Troy isn’t at all the guy she imagined him to be, secrets rise to the surface that will change her life forever.

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After 5 years of swooning over the boy next door, Mallory Taylor finally gets the chance to interact with him up close after her overprotective parents agree to let her attend public school. Things don't get off to a good start, however, as her long time crush, Troy Parker, does not seem the least bit interested in getting to know her. With much persistence, Mallory eventually learns the real reason why Troy has kept his distance for all these years and why he's been holding a resentment towards her even though they've barely said a word to each other since he moved in next door. There's much more to Mallory Taylor than meets the eye, and it appeas Troy Parker knows more about her than she knows about herself.

The first quatre and the last quatre of the book captivated my attention, especially since the last few chapters threw the story in a completely different direction than I'd anticipated. Although the ending felt abrupt and rather rushed, I thought there was great potential in the plot as it finally added some significance to the characters' stories, and had it been executed with more precision and care, I might have ended up liking the story more.

For the most part, we are presented with very cliched characters and a predictable storyline. I didn't mind the cliches (I wasn't expecting much originality), but I find it hard to tolerate impassive characters. Mallory came off as rather vain and not much substance to her character, whereas Troy was just eye candy.

It was a good read, it just didn't blow my mind. Had the characters been more likable and not so bland, I would have enjoyed the story more.


Award: Silver
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars
Source: BookSirens

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