Tuesday 10 April 2018

BOOK REVIEW: Forget Nico by GB Amman

Forget Nico
The Italian Saga Book 3
Author: GB Amman
Genre: YA Coming of Age
Publication Date: May 1st, 2016

Book Description:
Italy, the 90s. When Alex takes an unexpected interest in tomboy Leda, the strong-headed bookish teen is torn between the handsome suitor and her irrational feelings for wild childhood friend Nico, who’s dark, unreliable, and utterly ignores her. Can Leda forget Nico?

As Leda pursues her dream to win the volleyball championship and her friendship with Alex deepens, Nico grows into a jaded, taciturn, and hurtful player who cares only about himself. Leda should give up on him… not like he cares, does he?

Amman’s addictive humor and empathy intertwine the stories of many teens struggling with loneliness, angst and, of course love. The vivid descriptions of Cinque Terre and the Alps add to the irresistible charm of this intriguing teen romance.

** Though self-standing, the book is the third in “The Italian Saga” (all four books available, MG/YA) followed by “The Sonder Series” (Contemporary) following Leda’s adventures as an adult. These books empower girls and women of all ages to be their brave true selves.**

** The books are a fictional memoir based on the life of author GB Amman, a novelist and molecular biologist born and raised in Italy. **

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I always go into these books not knowing what to expect, but what can definitely be said about this series is that the story gets better the further into the series I get. Forget Nico is the third book in The Italian Saga, and it is the best one so far. The characters are growing up before our eyes and with that growth comes a world of drama - teenage drama, to be exact. The book is full of excitement. I've always loved how the author can whisk you back to the time when you're a teenager and trying to figure out who you are. You really get to relate to a character when you can put yourself in his or her shoes.

Lee has definitely left an impression on me, and I just love how stubborn she is, even with herself as she tries to prove that she's the same as she's always been and nothing - not even her affection for her ex best friend, Nico the Thug - is going to change that. Of course, Lee is on the cusp of teenage hood and soon learns that what she wants and what she needs are two different things entirely. She hasn't spoken to Nico in some time, and whenever she gets the chance to, he throws insults her way, which hits her hard, especially because she has such deep affections for him. I loved the interaction between these two. Nice putting on his tough boy act and pretending not to notice Lee and Lee trying to convince herself that she doesn't care about the fact that Nico doesn't show her any attention, the way other guys are showing her attention. These two are stubborn alike and just perfect for each other.

This book is overloaded with teenage drama - a little too much at times - but it does not disappoint. I would have liked Lee to interact more with Starry (her mum) as she too seem to be at a point in her life where she's trying to figure out who she is and what she wants. We get to hear about Starry's turbulent relationships, but we never truly experience Starry's life intercepting with Lee's, even though they live together. We hear about what's going on, but we don't see much of it. It would be a nice shift from the flux of teenage hormones, particularly since Starry's choices is affecting her relationship with Lee.

It's been a while since I've read a book series and even longer since I've actually loved a series. The Italian Saga is certainly a treat, and I look forward to seeing how it progresses in the next book. 


Award: Gold
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Source: Author

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