Saturday 31 March 2018

BOOK REVIEW - What Reggie Did on the Weekend: Seriously! by Lee M. Winter

What Reggie Did on the Weekend: Seriously!
Author: Lee M. Winter

Book Description:
On the weekend I looked for a new book. I always read the description first because, you know, I won’t read just any old thing. So I read the description for this book and thought it looked okay, so then I read the online sample and laughed so hard that a little bit of pee came out. Okay, a lot of pee came out. ALRIGHT! I PEED SO MUCH I HAD TO CHANGE MY PANTS! There, are you happy now? It’s funny, okay? And it isn’t all about vomit and farts either (okay, a lot of it is about vomit and farts, but what’s wrong with that?)

*Every Monday at school, Reggie writes an essay that begins with “On the weekend…” WARNING: You might want to have a spare pair of undies handy while you read about Reggie's weekends.*

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A good, fun read about young Reggie's weekend adventures. I think kids, especially boys, aged between 7-9, will enjoy Reggie's bizarre tales. It had me laughing out loud in places. Good and simple illustrations, but this really wasn't the appeal of the book. It was the main character and how likeable he was. Some of the stories were a bit out there, but they were fun all the same.

It's a good start to the series.


Award: Silver
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars
Source: Own Copy

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