Monday 12 February 2018

Pre-Order & Giveaway - Soft Kisses and Birdsong by Lynnette Bonner

Lynnette Bonner is excited to announce that Soft Kisses and Birdsong is now available for pre-order! Even more exciting is the opportunity you will have to win one of the 3 great prizes shown below!

Soft Kisses and Birdsong 3D

Soft Kisses and Birdsong
Book 2 in the Riversong series
Author: Lynnette Bonner
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Description:
Years ago, he walked away from the only woman he had ever loved because he feared she wouldn’t want a man who’d failed.

She numbly tried to move on with her life. And is finally beginning to feel she can face the future.

Zaire Breckenridge can’t believe it when her lout of an ex-husband walks back into her life, claiming he’s a changed man. Worse than his invading the sanctuary of her town—the town they both grew up in together—is the fact that he’s invading the peace she finds at church. There really ought to be a rule. The heartbreaker should never be allowed to move back to town.

Landon Breckenridge knows that he’s made a mess of his life. But he also knows that finally surrendering everything to Jesus was the best decision he ever made. He aims to be a better person, and certainly a better witness to his friends and those who watch his rock climbing show on TV. Now if only he can convince the woman he loves to take him back. But if she won’t? Will Jesus be enough?

Sometimes the river of life cascades into a torrent of white-water. And sometimes it levels out on the other side, flowing smooth and slow, like soft kisses…and birdsong.


If you pre-order, when you receive your copy of the book on release day, the book will contain a special link where you can go and enter to win one of the below prizes. There is no purchase necessary to enter for these prizes, however. On release day you can come back to this page and the link to enter for the below prizes will be posted here. But buying the book on pre-order will give you a reminder to enter when you get the book and open it and see the reminder to enter the contest. AND it will support my desire to keep helping my kids pay their way through college. :) Void where prohibited.

3 Prizes! 3 Winners!

Prize #1:
$50.00 Amazon Gift Card

This gift card can be used to buy anything the winner wants from Amazon.

Prize #2:
Kindle Fire, 8GB

Kindle Fires are not only great for reading books! Surf the net. Watch movies. Scroll through social media. And more!

Prize #3:
Custom Necklace

This beautiful stone and pendant necklace is a little bit vintage and a little bit chic. It's a one of a kind creation made by Lynnette Bonner, specifically with Riversong in mind.

You can enlarge the image by clicking on it.

What a great chance to win some awesome prizes, right?! The book is only $2.99 while on pre-order! So grab it at a low price and secure your reminder to enter to win the above prizes!

Entering this contest will also add you to Lynnette's newsletter, where you will have a chance to read her novella, My Blue Havyn, for free.