Sunday 22 January 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Billy and Ant Fall Out by James Minter

Billy and Ant Fall Out
Series: Billy Growing Up, Book 2
Author: James Minter
Genre: Childrens Fiction / Middle-Grade

Book Description:
Arrogant pride makes a child feel so important that they would rather do something wrong than admit they have made a mistake. Could pride be playing a part in your child’s negative behaviour?

Billy Field says something nasty to his best friend Ant Turner, and they row. Ant goes off and makes a new friend, leaving Billy feeling angry and abandoned. Billy’s pride will not let him apologise to Ant until things get out of hand.
Is Billy the sort of person to have as a friend? Will it be possible for Billy and Ant to be mates again? Can they overcome their differences?

Billy And Ant Fall Out is the second title in the Billy Books series. Each book addresses a unique topic—bullying, arrogant pride, jealousy, lying, stealing, lack of self-belief, understanding money, and secrets. Written to help parents, guardians and teachers deal with the issues that challenge pre-teen children; each topic is presented in a gentle way through storytelling. Setting the issues in a meaningful context helps children to understand the challenges, and to see things from a different perspective. The books act as icebreakers allowing for discussions of difficult subjects. Additionally, each title is supported by a free activity book to reinforce the learning, while having fun.

Buying this book today will support your child in dealing with arrogant pride—a negative and unhelpful emotion.

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Another great adventure with Billy and the gang. This story picks up right after the events that took place in book one. With Billy being ten now and Ant still being nine years old, he feels he has matured somewhat and starts behaving in a manner in which he feels is more fitting for his age. Ant, however, doesn't understand why Billy is acting the way he is and the two have a big fall out. It's not long before Billy starts missing his best friend and when Ant decides to find himself a new best friend, jealousy kicks in. So what's a young chap to do? Find himself a new best friend of course. Billy realises that with new friends come new responsibilities. He finds himself facing many challenges that opens his eyes to the meaning of friendship and the importance of having friends you trust and can rely on.

This second book reminded me so much of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, particularly the part where Greg and Rowley have a big fall out. Like the first book, there's a lot to be learned here. This story really does well in capturing the essence of childhood. There is an authenticity in the portrayal of the characters that I admire. There is a lot of pressure that comes with growing up, and I love how that's unfolding in these stories. Adults could learn a thing or two from kids. I especially like the way the stories remind me of childhood qualities I've grown out of, qualities that made life a lot simpler. I didn't get this sense of nostalgia with the first book, but this second book certainly evoked a lot of emotions.

Although I'm still seeing those grammatical and punctuation errors, it's still a great read, and I would recommend it for the whole family.



Award: Gold
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Source: Own copy

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